ChatGPT Alternatives: Best 8 You Didn’t Know (Updated List 2023)

Chat GPT 4 has been on everyone’s lips in recent months, without a doubt it is the technology of the moment and we are sure that it will also be of the future.

ChatGPT Alternatives

ChatGPT Alternatives: Best 8 You Didn’t Know

This famous artificial intelligence tool has gone viral thanks to its ability to create text. If we look at this platform with perspective, it took Netflix 3 to 5 years to reach a million users, Spotify 5 months and Chat GPT 5 days.

We can interact with it as if it were a virtual assistant, ask it to write essays, summarize jobs for us, and analyze texts. But these functions only scratch the surface of the tool’s great potential.

In the case of cyber criminals, they are already considering how to gain control of the chatbot to sow chaos. But are there alternatives to Chat GPT?? Today we bring you 7 alternatives to Chat GPT.

8 ChatGPT Alternatives

1. Bard:

With the latter we finish the alternatives to Chat GPT. This is an artificial intelligence developed by Google. The main idea is the same as the GPT Chat, in which you ask questions and I answer you in the most effective way. It is based on LAMDA, a language model designed by Google.

Although it is in the testing phase, it promises to be one of the competitors of conversational artificial intelligence.

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2. Bing Chat

Bing is known as Microsoft’s search engine, but its latest tool is powered by AI. This search engine has been created to compete with Google through the use of a chat similar to Chat GPT.

What is particular about it is that from the beginning you will be able to choose the style of conversation; if you want it to be more creative (vague and natural language), more precise (technical language) or balanced.

In other words, from the beginning this chat will understand what tone you are looking for and will anticipate your needs.

Other peculiarities is that it is capable of creating images from scratch according to your instructions. This is possible because it uses another image-generating AI called DALL-e. It will undoubtedly be one of the most popular soon.

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3. Writesonic:

It is an application dedicated to the writing and automation of online content developed through artificial intelligence. It is a tool widely used in content marketing that boosts your blogs, ads, emails, SEO positioning, etc.

Its operation is simple; You describe the topic you are going to deal with in 5 words, specify the keyword you want to position in Google and select the language.

Once you press the generate button, it will offer you different versions of your optimized text so that you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

It also has other options such as content improvement, and editing it serves to position and convert better. One of the great advantages of this tool is that it is powered by Google, so it has fully updated information.

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4. Jasper:

This is another AI dedicated to content creation, where it is highly recommended that it be used by content managers and rss. It is ideal for creating content on social networks, blogs, ads, ebooks, landing pages, etc.

Among the functions that Jasper guarantees is to be free of plagiarism, something very important in content creation. The way of interacting with it is similar to GPT Chat, where you write the theme of the text, the keywords, titles and other details. This is where the AI ​​comes into play and begins to write and create the content.

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5. Perplexity:

The main strength of this tool? Its ability to cite sources, so it is quite trusted by researchers. Its operation is quite similar to GPT Chat but it is also connected to the Internet offering results in real time.

What is good about it, unlike ChatGPT, is that it shows you the sources from which it has obtained the information so that we can verify it ourselves.

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6. You:

It is a search engine quite similar to Google, but its difference is that it is powered by artificial intelligence. The peculiarity of this AI is its Chatbot, it accompanies you throughout the search process, being as efficient as possible.

Something that surprises is its interface which is divided into different specialized sections. It has a section for chatbot, another for writing code, another for writing, another for creating images, and also a section for social media profiles.

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7. Tome:

This is an AI specialist in creating presentations. It mainly uses GPT chat for the text and DALL-E 2 for the creation of the images. One of the first tools to introduce the combination of Artificial Intelligence.

To do this, they only have to enter the predefined work instructions in which you can choose styles, tones, colors. In addition, there are three types of output: presentation, story, and outline.

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8. Knight:

This is another of the alternatives to Chat GPT that users like the most. It is a platform powered by artificial intelligence. It claims to help marketers and business owners drive traffic and generate more conversions.

This content marketing platform is capable of creating texts for the positioning of blogs, websites, RRSS and e-mail Marketing.

It facilitates the process of writing and publishing content on the web. It helps you create publishing material without enduring technical work.

This is as far as the alternatives to Chat GPT with the most potential. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more content. Remember that we are Syntonize experts in digital transformation, application development, UI/UX development and digital platforms. Get in touch with us for a totally free audit to take your business.

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