How to Use ChatGPT – The Artificial Intelligence revolution?

It’s been the great tech debate since early 2023, and it promises plenty of headlines this year. It is not clear if it will be a temporary boom or the new Google that opens the doors for us to be dominated by AI, machines more intelligent than humans.


How to Use ChatGPT – The Artificial Intelligence revolution?

Today we explain how to use chatGPT, the Artificial Intelligence tool specialized in conversation created by OpenAI, and its different applications.

The GPT chat of the company specialized in artificial intelligence in which Elon Musk has a large stake, OpenAI, is taking the lead over the most established search engines on the Internet.

In fact, this chat system has its own extension for browsers and with it you can get instant responses, which avoid having to go to different websites to answer questions. This AI gives correct answers based on information that has been previously requested.

Its algorithms are capable of understanding with great precision what users are asking, even if there are adjectives or ratings. Their answers are very coherent, being able to hold conversations or offer exact data.

The technology behind this AI is so impressive that there are already students in the United States who use it to do academic work. And although it is not recommended to use chatGPT for these purposes, what seems unquestionable is that Internet searches can be made more enjoyable thanks to the training of more than 175 million parameters.

A practical example, imagine that we need to write an essay that does not occupy more than 1000 words about “The history of Middle-earth”, the series of books based on the universe of JRR Tolkien. We could perfectly ask chatGPT to do it.

And although it has some flaws – some experts say that it does not always use valid sources of information – it is only the beginning, a kind of glimpse of what is to come.

How to use chatGPT?

Starting to have conversations with this artificial intelligence is very simple. All we have to do is enter its official website:

The first time you enter, you have to create an account on the OpenAI website, which is completely free, just like the chat. Once registered, we will access the application. At the bottom of the screen, we will find a dialog bar, where we can write what we want and start asking questions.

At first there are some examples in English, but you can also ask questions in Spanish, you can ask him to speak to you in Spanish or any other language.

When using chatGPT it is advisable to experiment with different types of requests and explore the possibilities of AI. Ingenuity when asking questions is key if surprising results are to be obtained.

But you have to remember that everything that is written in the chat is recorded and can be reviewed by the OpenAI developers to continue training the chatGPT.

Therefore, sensitive personal information, such as bank accounts, or requests that are potentially dangerous or criminal should not be included.

What practical utilities does chatGPT have?

chatGPT has a lot of functionality related to text creation and is even capable of generating programming languages. Read on if you want to know how to use chatGPT for more features!:

1. Command other AIs

The arrival of chatGPT has come after the release of Dall-E 2, which does original drawing and graphics with AI only. Now, many professionals are using the GPT chat to give instructions to other AIs that also work with texts and images.

2. Create varied texts

chatGPT allows you to generate texts of different styles. From poetry, dialogues, articles, descriptions, etc. It is only necessary to enter a small pre-entry text to give it some basic indications about what we want, this allows the AI ​​to predict what is most useful for us.

3. Post content

This tool is very useful for generating updated content on different topics. For example, if we are a company in the automotive sector, chatGPT-3 can write texts adapted to our needs.

4. Email writing

chatGPT is a very practical tool for creating emails. On the one hand, it can generate an elaborate email about what we indicate and on the other hand, it can summarize the content of a long email that a person has sent us, with which we can save time and stop reading endless emails.

5. Search for Related Keywords

To optimize our SEO, chatGPT-3 also has the solution. In this system, by entering a word, you can offer us similar Keywords to enrich our texts.

6. Appearance of the website and landing page

With the GPT chat, from providing a description of how we want our web page or landing page to look like, you are able to provide us with the programming code. At the moment, it cannot replace the creation of complex websites, since it does not have such advanced technology, but it is useful to speed up the most basic tasks of web development.

Other creative uses of chatGPT

chatGPT is such a powerful tool, that its creators constantly claim that its full features have not yet been discovered and that its path is both promising and difficult to explore.

One facet that many people like to try in the GPT chat is to ask them to explain historical events, recount events or delight us with a story. In recent months, he has become something of a guru.

We tell you how to use chatGPT to write the script of a viral video for Youtube or Tik Tok and other creative applications. The possibilities are as endless as our own imagination. Do you know what other creative uses it can have?:

1. Tell jokes

ChatGTP users have laughed at his ability to tell jokes, sometimes because they’re really funny and sometimes because they’re really bad. Also, you can explain jokes after telling them.

2. Prepare diets

chatGPT prepares detailed weight loss plans with food and exercise recommendations. First, users need to answer a few questions to get the correct number of calories, and then the AI ​​can calculate their nutritional needs.

3. Brainstorm

For example, the daily job of the Twitter account @aifunhouse was to give tips and tutorials on how to use generative AI. However, sometimes they needed extra effort to pay their bills each month.

The team turned to GPT chat and technology, providing them with a five-step plan for launching an online business that included website recommendations and service sales. Cases like this are already going viral around the world.

4. Write movie scripts

Several Twitter users have put chatGPT to the test for writing movie scripts. Artificial intelligence can create horror, romance or sports content. Who knows if in the future his creations will become a blockbuster.

What will the future of GPT chat be like?

The future is a mystery due to the innumerable applications that can be developed. As the use of this system increases, its potential will increase.

Above all, a boom in its use is expected in the area of ​​online advertising, since it will be very convenient to achieve striking advertising messages, cheaply and quickly.

Professionals from other sectors, such as the marketing area, will also be able to develop applications to automate repetitive tasks; and the management of chatbots will also be improved.

Microsoft is considering investing 10,000 million dollars (9,311 million euros) this year in the OpenAI technology, owner of this artificial intelligence chat.

All this tells us where digital transformation will go in the future. Will AI replace human labor? In a few years we will see how far these advances take us.

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