Check 4 CRM Myths

94% of Ukrainian companies do not use a CRM system. In the West, the statistics are exactly the opposite: 91% of organizations with more than 10 employees have CRM. I wonder what biases are stopping Ukrainian entrepreneurs from switching to CRM?

Check 4 CRM Myths
Check 4 CRM Myths

Check 4 CRM Myths

Myth 1: Small companies don’t need CRM

Probably the most common myth is that CRM is not suitable for small businesses. Part of this impression is created by active advertising of large and expensive CRM systems, while low cost crm remain outside the attention of entrepreneurs.

In fact, you don’t have to wait for a company to “grow” to switch to CRM. On the contrary: the CRM system will help in the development of small business at the expense of its capabilities: automate sales and routine, put things in order in tasks and control the work of employees.

There is a wide range of solutions on the market today, specially designed for small companies, and Nethunt CRM is one of them. Even if the company employs only one or two people, CRM for an entrepreneur will simplify the work due to the following functions:

  • Combining all services into one (the ability to integrate with other programs);
  • Direct CRM integration with Gmail and GSuite services;
  • Templates of letters and documents;
  • Automated database maintenance (including – automatic creation of contacts from all available information);
  • Keeping detailed customer history: the CRM system stores all information about calls, letters, meetings, transactions and other contacts with the buyer;
  • Visual analytics, visualized sales funnels;
  • Convenient task and time management.

Myth 2: small business CRM is expensive

If we consider voluminous CRM systems with functionality “for all occasions”, they will be expensive. Moreover, in addition to using the program, you will have to pay a decent amount for installing and configuring the program, as well as for staff training.

If you pay attention to CRM systems for small businesses, their cost will be much more democratic. But a low price doesn’t mean fewer opportunities.

CRM for entrepreneurs and small companies can include all the necessary functionality, you simply will not overpay for functions that you do not use.

Choosing CRM for small business, you can save on its implementation since such a program is designed for self-installation and configuration.

Myth 3: Setting up CRM is long and difficult

As mentioned above, CRM implementation for large enterprises is indeed a daunting and costly task. At the same time, CRM systems created for individual entrepreneurs are as easy to use as possible.

So, CRM for Gmail Nethunt offers:

  • Intuitive way to install and configure the program;
  • Detailed instructions for implementing CRM in Russian and English (articles and videos);
  • Active technical support, which will help in case something does not work out on your own.

Myth 4: CRM requires constant surcharges for new features

To avoid such a situation, when choosing a CRM system, you should carefully study its functionality and tariff plan: which functions are included in the price, and which ones you will have to pay extra for. Also, before buying, you need to clearly define what tasks will need to be performed in the program.

It is useful to test yourself and test the CRM system during the trial period, which is usually offered before purchasing the program. Otherwise, you may face the fact that some functions were “not enough” and you have to pay for them separately.

If the CRM system for business is chosen correctly, it helps to save money. For example, the standard cost of CRM for Gmail includes free unlimited mailings via email. This allows you to opt out of a third-party mailing service and not overpay.

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