How to Check a New Car Invoice by a VIN Number

Buying a car is not a kid’s play. You need to check a lot of things before closing the deal. You need to check its features, your requirements and the comfort level of you and your family. One of the most important things while purchasing a car is its price.

How to Check a New Car Invoice by a VIN Number
How to Check a New Car Invoice by a VIN Number

It’s a human tendency to go for the least amount needed to pay for any they want to purchase. You generally check with different dealers for what price and discounts they are offering.

Now here arises a doubt, how to settle for the best available deal? This doubt especially comes when you are going to buy a second-hand car. Is this a fair amount to pay for? Is this car worth the price? How can I know what would be the best price for it?

You need to know the initial purchasing price and other details about the car. A new car invoice is the best source to get all the details. There are two ways to get the new car invoice:

  • Through the dealer
  • Searching the VIN number on

The simplest way to get the new car invoice is to ask the dealer of the car. But it’s not always the best way to go for.

The other way is to check the new car invoice through the VIN number. A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique code assigned to every motor vehicle when it is manufactured.

VIN Number is a 17-character extended code that serves as the car’s fingerprint, as no two vehicles in operation have the exact VIN. The VIN can be used to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts and insurance coverage.

You can check a new car invoice by a VIN Number through a VIN decoder. There are many VIN decoders you can find on just a single google search. But Mercedes VIN Decoder is the best VIN decoder you could have.

Steps to Check a New Car Invoice by a VIN Number

1. Get The VIN Number

First of all, you need to get the VIN number of the car you need to get the invoice of. You ask the dealer for it or even search for it in the car on your own.

You can find the VIN number on the various locations of the car, that is, On the driver’s side door jam, under the windshield of the driver side and On the steering column or near the vehicle’s firewall.

You can look at any of these places to get this 17-character long identification number.

2. Open the Mercedes VIN Decoder

Click on VIN Decoder or google search Mercedes VIN Decoder. After clicking on the link, you will land up on the homepage of this excellent Vin decoding tool.

Open the Mercedes VIN Decoder
Open the Mercedes VIN Decoder

3. Enter the VIN Number

On the home page, you will find a VIN lookup and check option; there is a search bar below that. You need to enter the VIN Number in there and hit the search button.

Enter the VIN Number
Enter the VIN Number

4. Get the Desired Results.

After entering the VIN number, you just need to wait for a few seconds to get your desired results. You will get the new car invoice and other important details about the car.

A New Car Invoice Includes

A new car invoice includes the following details of the car:

  • Model No. of the car
  • Features of the car
    • Colour of the car
    • Engine no.
    • Chassis No.
    • Production date
  • Customer Name and address
  • Customer ID
  • Purchase date and time
  • Detailed bifurcation of the price of the car that is a full-fledge explanation of what all expenses are included in the price of the car
  • Dealer delivery
  • Registration fee
  • GST, etc

Why Do You Need a Car Invoice?

Car invoice is a very important document of any car. You may need it for various purposes, and some of them are mentioned below:

Lost the car invoice

You should always keep your car invoice handy. If by any chance, you lose it, you should get a backup through a VIN decoder. It will help you generate your car’s invoice at any place, anytime.

You need to keep all the documents of your vehicle complete. You may need them for different purposes. For instance, you need to complete the EMI of your car purchase. In this case, a car invoice is a must-have document.

Vehicle insurance is a mandatory step to be taken to ensure the safety of your vehicle. While getting your car insured, you need to produce the car invoice as documentary proof that the vehicle belongs to you.

Theft or dispute for the car

If your car is stolen, you file an enquiry regarding the same in the police station or any enquiry office. When filing the case, you need to show the car invoice to provide a detailed description of the car.

Sometimes, there arises a dispute regarding the ownership of a vehicle, may it be due to any documentation error, miscommunication or fraud. You need to have a piece of foolproof evidence that the car belongs to you. And a car invoice is a highly evident document proof.

Inspection while second-hand car purchase

Purchasing a vehicle needs a lot of cautious efforts, especially when you purchase an old vehicle or a second-hand vehicle. There are several factors you should check before purchasing such a vehicle.

Although the original owner will tell you all the details about the car, you need to know every minute detail and cross-verify it. You should ask for the invoice for the car and there will be chances that the owner fails to provide you with the invoice.

What you can do in such a case is look for the VIN number on the car. Once you get the VIN number, you can now lookup the new car invoice online through the Mercedes VIN lookup tool.

This tool, as already stated, will help you get the invoice for the car. With this, you can now check all the information provided by the owner of the car. You can even get to know a lot more important details through this VIN lookup tool.

In this way, you can get a fair deal for yourself.


As mentioned above, a new car invoice is an important document that you may need for several reasons. And now, as you know, how to get the invoice by the VIN number, get the Mercedes VIN decoder now and use it as and when you need it.

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