How To Check Genuine Or Pirated Windows 10

The rapid technological development and increasingly easy access to information from the internet makes many users do many things, one of which is to install an OS like Windows 10.

How to Check Genuine or Pirated Windows 10

However, please note if there are two types of Windows 10 on a computer. First is genuine Windows and pirated Windows. Why is this important? Because it will greatly affect the system update from Microsoft itself. If using pirated software, then the possibility of getting updates in the future will be very difficult.

Therefore, to find out how to check Windows 10 on a genuine or pirated computer, let’s follow the following steps.

How to Check Genuine or Pirated Windows

1. Using the Command Prompt

The first way you can do is use the Command Prompt application. For more details, the explanation below.

  • Press the Windows and R buttons simultaneously on the keyboard. Later, the Run application will appear. If it is open, please enter the word “cmd” and enter. Automatically, you will be directed to directly open the Command Prompt application.
  • After that, you can type a word “slmgr / xpr” without using the quotation words then press enter.
  • If so, a small box will appear if the Windows you are using is genuine. The writing is only as a marker and not so influential on the machine. The contents themselves are more or less like this, “The machine is permanently activated”. If there is, please close it by clicking OK.

With the appearance of the word, it can be concluded that Windows 10 on your computer is genuine and not pirated. In this section, you can be calm and relaxed if there is an upgrade from Microsoft.

2. Using File Explorer

In addition to the Command Prompt, we can also check using File Explorer. Without lingering, the following steps are specific to you.

  • Open the file explorer on your computer. You can use My Computer to click on the desktop screen or right-click on the Start menu and select “Open Windows Explorer”.
  • Once open, choose “This PC” or “Computer” if the name is different then right-click. Then you just select Properties.
  • When Properties opens, a computer information page will be used, focusing on the Windows Activation section which is usually at the bottom. There you will find an article that states that the Windows you are using is active. In addition, there will also be an ID that shows the Windows product being used.

If you use pirated Windows, the Windows activation section will not appear “activated”. In addition, there is no product ID.

Plus, if you look closely at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, a small blue box called “Ask For genuine Microsoft” will appear.

The article also is proof that the Windows you are using is pirated. So some of the ways to check Windows 10 that you use are genuine or fake. We can draw a conclusion if checking a Windows OS check is quite easy and uncomplicated.

Indeed, on the one hand the OS and several other applications provide expensive prices when using original products. However, this is also related to copyright and quality.

If we continue to use pirated OS, then the long run will be very influential on other components. Including hacked by hackers because the security system is not good. Hopefully this article is useful, friend.

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