Choosing the right Cot for Your Baby

The right cot can make a world of difference for your baby. One that’s the wrong size, or has sharp corners, or is too high from the ground may lead to issues such as discomfort and poor sleep – two things you want for your little one!

The following article will explore five different considerations when looking for a new cot: size, safety features, crib sheet compatibility (or lack thereof), price point and style.

Whatever you end up choosing should be well researched because these are all factors that come into play when deciding.

Choosing the right cot for your baby:

Cot size

One of the things to consider is how big you want the cot to be. Is it just for a newborn, or will they still be using it when they’re toddlers?

If so, some designs can change into a junior bed when it’s time, so you may even be able to get use out of this for years! You should know exactly how much space you have available in the room and measure accordingly.

If the cot is too big and there isn’t room for anything else, then you have to question whether it’s necessary. You can check the website(cot), for example.

Choosing the right Cot for Your Baby
Choosing the right Cot for Your Baby

Cot safety features

Safety is another important factor in this decision, especially when your little one starts rolling over and crawling! The cot should have four corner posts that are blunt or covered with plastic so that there are no sharp edges the baby could reach out for and hurt themselves on.

The mattress should be firm and flat to prevent SIDS or other hazards, and no gaps between the cot and the wall should exist for the baby to fall into.

Crib sheet compatibility

If you plan to use sheets for your baby’s cot, they must fit as tightly as possible so that they don’t slip off easily or become loose during the night.

You may find that some cots come with sheets designed especially to sit snugly on them, but if not, then you can always buy ones to match your requirements.

There should be no more than 1-2 finger-widths between the sheet and the mattress edge because this is the safest option.

Choosing the right Cot for Your Baby
Choosing the right Cot for Your Baby

Price point

The price point can vary from style to style, from budget to designer, and from store to store. However, you must consider this factor when making your decision because cribs can cost anywhere between $0 (cardboard box) and several hundred dollars (designer cot).

If you’re looking for something simple and effective, then your search should be much shorter than if you want a luxury piece to be used by a baby for years.


Finally, the last thing to consider is what style of cot do you want? Something to consider is whether you want a cot that converts into a junior bed or not. If so, it may be good to look for one with the same style but another name instead of just being called a cot.

However, nothing is stopping these later half beds from being used for years, in which case it might be a better idea just to get a separate bed!

Ultimately, whatever you choose should be well researched and thought out. After all that hard work, it will be well worth the effort in the end when your little one is crawling around, sleeping soundly and even teething on their new bed.

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