Chromecast: What It is, How It is Installed and All its Benefits

Chromecast, one of Google’s most successful devices, allows usersto send content from their mobile phone to their TV in a matter of seconds. Still don’t know all its advantages?

Chromecast: What It is, How It is Installed and All its Benefits

Chromecast: What It is, How It is Installed and All its Benefits

We explain in detailwhat Chromecast is, how to configure it on your television and how to get the most out of it.

The ultimate goal of any means and technological advance is to improve –as far as possible– the quality of life of users.

Let’s get to know in detail what Google’s Chromecast is,how to install it at homeand how to get the most out of it. And don’t worry, you don’t have to do a PhD for it. Come on!

What is the Chromecast?

The Chromecast is a Google device thatis used to send content from the mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC to the television to which it is connected.In simple words, Chromecast projects any streaming content to the screen of your choice. That is, you can send from yoursmartphonethat YouTube video that you want to see with your friends and/or family.

Among the different services that are compatible with Google Chromecast we find Google Play, Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Spotify, Hulu and Pandora.

How do you install the Chromecast?

Its operation and installation is extremely simple. The device, which is adongle, is similar to aUSB stick,but with an HDMI connection and a power outlet. Once connected to the TV, the device links to your home Wi-Fi and is ready to receive content.

Let’s remember that, years ago, to try to send content to a television, a cable had to be connected. With the Chromecast there is no need for cables and its operation is similar to theAmazon Fire TV Stick.

Install Chromecast

To install Chromecast you mustfollow these steps:

  • 1. Plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port on the back of your TV.
  • 2. Connect the USB port to the current or to the same television. Keep in mind that if you connect it to the current you can use the Chromecast to turn the TV on or off.
  • 3. Download the Google Home application on your mobile phone, which will be in charge of synchronizing it with your WiFi.

After these steps, all you have to do is press the button tosynchronize with the Chromecast and that’s it. Butis it compatible with all Android or Apple mobiles? And with a MAC?

When the power cable of the device is connected and the WiFi configured, you will be able to send content from Android phones (in version 4.0.3) and from the iPhone with a 7.0 update or higher.

How to send content with Chromecast to the TV?

Although it is easy to install and send content, it is a bit more complicated to understand the mechanism of function that Chromecast has. Chromecast uses technology based on theconcepts of DLNA and Miracast, a protocol known asGoogle Cast.

This technology allows us to send and play content on the television andis represented by a rectangle-shaped icon. The Chromecast logo can be found in different places depending on the device used:

  • From the laptop or PC: If you send content from a web page with a video, in the upper right part you will be able to identify the Chromecast icon. If the content is from an app like HBO, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, or Pluto, the icon comes to the play bar.
  • From the mobile phone: When playing a video, the Chromecast icon will automatically appear in the function bar. Netflix, HBO or YouTube are platforms that are compatible with Google Chromecast.
  • From the tablet or iPod: The operation is similar to that of a laptop or PC. Just look for the icon and click to send the content to the TV.

In this way, your own mobile device becomes aremote control, since you can advance, delay, change or pause the content that you have sent to the television. You can also useGoogle Assistantto control it with your voice.

How to clear Chromecast history?

As directed by Google, you will be able to delete all Chromecast history from the Google Home app. To do this, just open the application, click on Chromecast, then on Settings and click on “Factory reset”.

How to disconnect or turn off Chromecast from TV?

To turn off your Chromecast, all you have to do is unplug the adapter from the power outlet and, of course, from the television. As with a television, when it is turned off the Chromecast enters astandby state, that is, the device continues to receive power, even if it is not being used.

Another option is to click on the icon from your computer or mobile and click on“Stop sending”. If you have a Google Home at home connected to the same WiFi network, you can use a voice command and order the Chromecast to turn off or on.

We do not recommendplugging and unplugging the port and outlet often, as you risk damaging the HDMI port.

Tips to get the most out of your Chromecast

1. Watch your favorite series and movies on TV. Chromecast was created for this purpose, so if you prefer to watch your favorite series or movie, what better than to do it on the Smart TV screen?

2. Take the opportunity to watch videos, fitness or yoga tutorials on a 1080 HD screen. You can also play live videos on Facebook. In fact, several social media pages have implemented Chromecast on their platforms.

3. Use it as your favorite radio station.Do you have Spotify or Amazon Music? These apps and many others are also compatible with Chromecast, so you can turn your TV into an audio player. If you connect some speakers to your television you will not need a recording studio to enjoy a small and authentic concert at home

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