Tip: How Do I Clear My Search History On Google?

By default, if you have an account with Google and you’re signed in, all search queries will be stored in your history. Google uses this data to tailor results, target ads through it, but mainly maintains your digital footprint with sometimes sensitive data. How do I delete this history and make sure it doesn’t save at all?

Tip: How do I Clear My Search History on Google?
Tip: How do I Clear My Search History on Google?

After this year’s Location Tracking scandals and vulnerable Google+ , Mountain View grabbed a nose and wanted to gradually improve privacy management.

You can set up your account in detail today, but with so many choices, it’s not exactly clear. It will change again.

How do I quickly clear my search history on Google?

Find new buttons on your desktop and mobile search engine Manage your data in Google Search and your data in Search , respectively .

This will take you to the new Your Search Activity report , where you can clear your search history for the last hour or all of your time with two clicks. Quick erasure of history will be added to maps and other Google products next year.

How do I delete a specific search period?

If you’d like more control over deleting your data, find the ” Delete activity by date” feature in your account management.

Here you can choose to delete history for today, yesterday, last week, month, or the entire period. You can also select your own interval. Be sure to select Search from the drop-down menu .

How do I delete individual queries in history?

You can even delete individual queries from your history in My Account Management. Select Package View or Item View from the side menu.

Through the first feature, you actually delete individual items, the second option is more convenient, grouping more search queries you’ve typed in the last few hours.

How do I disable saving my Google search history?

In the Activity controls ( myaccount.google.com/activitycontrols ), there is a radio button for Web & App Activity . If you set it to Off , your history will no longer be saved on all devices where you are signed in to your account.

At the same time, you also turn off storing other data like address history on maps, Chrome pages, and more.

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