The Complete Guide to Using the Touchpad in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a variety of interesting features that we can use. One of them is a gesture that you can do on the touchpad. There are lots of gestures we can do, from one finger touch to 4 finger touch. Here I will show you a complete guide to using the touchpad in Windows 10.

 Guide to Using the Touchpad in Windows 10
Guide to Using the Touchpad in Windows 10

The Complete Guide to Using the Touchpad in Windows 10

We will use this gesture feature on laptops, because usually only laptops have a touchpad. But not all laptop touchpads can use this Windows 10 feature, especially if the laptop you are using is still an old model. But if you are still in doubt, just try the method that I will show you below.

Windows 10 Touchpad Functions List

Kinds – Kinds of Movement on the Touchpad

Basically, there are two gestures you can do on the touchpad, namely taps and swipes. Each movement has its own function according to the number of touches/fingers you are using.

Gesture Knocking

You can tap with one finger to 4 fingers according to your touchpad capabilities. The most common thing we use is tapping one finger to perform the left mouse click function, of course you already know this function.

Wiping Movement

Same as tapping, rubbing can also be done from 1 finger to 4 fingers. Generally, we use this method to move the cursor. And is the main function of the touchpad on a laptop.

Now, after knowing the 2 movements above, we will discuss a complete guide to using the touchpad in Windows 10.

Not all laptops will support the touchpad features below. Because it all depends on the ability of the touchpad you are using.

Using the One Finger Touchpad

For one finger gestures, almost all touchpad users on windows already know it.

One Tap

One tap serves as a click, of course you have used it a lot. Performing a tap with one hand is equivalent to a left click on the mouse

Two Taps

Two taps or the cool term double click has several functions, namely:

  • To open a folder, you know that to open the folder, just double-tap the laptop touchpad.
  • Drag & Drop,double tap> hold> then swipe. For example, my friend wants to put files in a folder.
    This function is also very useful when using Microsoft Office or Photoshop.
  • Selecting one word,you can also use double tapping to select 1 word, just try to click try to double-tap the text you want to select. Very useful to use in Microsoft Word.

One Finger Swipe

The one finger swipe function is of course for moving the cursor. There is no other function. Because that’s the main function.

Using the Two Finger Touchpad

There are several two finger gestures that you can do on the touchpad in Windows 10, namely

Two Finger Tap

Performing a two-finger tap on the touchpad functions as a right-click like a right-click function on a mouse.

Two Finger Swipe Up / Down

Swiping two fingers up or down acts as ascroll. So it is very useful when my friend is reading an article or other thing that requires a scroll function. This gesture has almost the same function as scrolling the mouse.

Movement With Two Fingers

Yup, it’s the same as the massage function on a cellphone. The massage gesture is used to zoom in or zoom out. Just a tip, press Ctrl + 0 to return to the initial display / 100%.
You can adjust the touchpad function with three and four fingers as needed, we will discuss at the end. But what I will explain is the standard function.

Using the Three Finger Touchpad

This is where you will see the advantages of the Windows 10 gesture feature.With the support of 3 finger gestures on the touchpad, it will make it easier for you to work by using several things that you can use.

Three Finger Tap

Tapping the touchpad with three fingers will activate the windows or cortana search feature.

Swipe Three Fingers Left / Right

Swiping the touchpad with three fingers towards the left or right serves to move between applications. One swipe to the left will open the previous application and swipe to the right will open the next application

Swipe left or right with three fingers then hold will display a list of applications, you only need to swipe to the application you want to open.

You can press Alt + Tab to perform the same function. Press tab again to select the application.

Swipe Three Fingers Up / Down

Swiping the touchpad up will open theTask Viewwhere a list of currently open applications will appear. Then you can choose the application you want to run.

Meanwhile, sliding three fingers down serves to minimize all applications and display the desktop.

Tips: Please press Windows key + Tab to run the same function, and press Esc to close.

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Using the Four Finger Touchpad

Tapping and swiping the touchpad with four fingers also performs certain functions.

Four Finger Tap

When you tap the touchpad with four fingers, theAction Centerwill appear where you can see the latest notifications.

Four Finger Swipe Up / Down

This movement functions almost the same as swiping with 3 fingers, which is a four-finger swipe up functions to open theTask View and a four-finger swipe down function to minimize all windows/applications.

Four Finger Swipe Left / Right

Swipe left or right with four fingers to open the virtual desktop before or after it. If you don’t have a virtual desktop, then this feature might not be useful.

Touchpad Function Settings

In addition to the above functions, you can make special settings for each touchpad movement. Besides that, you can also adjust the sensitive level of the laptop touchpad that you are using.

Through the start menu, please open theSettingsmenu> Devices> Touchpad. Or if you don’t want to bother, just typetouchpadthen opentouchpad settings.

You can see all the standard touchpad functions that have been determined by Windows here. Besides that, you can also make adjustments as needed, starting from setting the cursor speed, tapping functions and swiping functions.

If you want to make more detailed settings for the three and four finger touchpad gestures, do the following:

At the very bottom, please clickadvanced gesture configuration, then set the function for each movement according to your needs.

That’s a complete guide to using the touchpad in Windows 10. Of course, with this feature, you can use your laptop more quickly and efficiently.

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