Complete Step Guide To Learning Google SEO

In this article, you will get the latest information about SEO for increasing website traffic. Continue reading the article to get information in detail.

Complete step guide to learning Google SEO

Complete step guide to learning Google SEO

What Is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Internet Marketing Learning Guide by Maximizing SEM. It should be noted that SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a complement to SEO techniques to focus on selling your online business so that it can be even more optimal , if SEO is a Website Optimization Technique , then SEM is the most efficacious and targeted Online Marketing technique and is faster than using SEO techniques only.

The combination of using SEM and SEO is very necessary if you really want to win the Sales and marketing competition on the internet.

Disadvantages of Optimization Using SEM and SEO Techniques

From the table of excellence and lack of SEM and SEO above, we can draw conclusions that SEO search results are the most important search results and SEM search results, namely additional or temporary search results.

Because there are the most important search results, so Google gets additional income from the use of SEM techniques, because we incur additional costs in the form of advertising payments.

But it does not mean that the SEM search results do not have value though. If you can optimize both, SEM and SEOso well, so it’s getting better than just using one of them. Because one another is complementary.

Note: SEM search results are generally used by new website sites so that they can quickly market their products or services to make a profit while optimizing the site’s website by means of SEO.

SEO In general, it is divided into 2 parts:

OnPage SEO Optimization

1. OnPage SEO – In the SEO-OnPage section the focus is more on the architecture and performance of the website that we are building, maybe the exact word is more on the themes we use on our web / blog, In Ongage it is more focused on:

Before you write/fill your blog or website with quality content the first step that you have to do is to choose the right platform for your blog or portal, do not make the wrong step to start implementing SEO techniques in the beginning we build SEO , conceptually and technically.

SEO is divided into two parts, the first reply SEO onPage and SEO-OffPage, these two parts are the URLs of two sides of a coin which means Worth when two sides of the coin are complete each other.

In my experience as a Web Developer, to be able to start my SEO Technique I started from OnPag e Technique, at this stage I started buying Premium SEO Themes, whose function is to help half of my work in terms of building OnPage Techniques.

So if you are a beginner & want to learn SEO but it doesn’t have basic web creation, so my first tips will greatly help your SEO work 50%, okay …, continue …, but if you don’t have the funds to buy premium themes you can use the second alternative, which is using the Free SEO themes , later I’ll give the linkFree SEO reference themes .

Some of the elements that SEO-OnPage must have:


The page title and article title are the main factors of SEO-OnPage. This is because the page title will appear on Google’s search results as the title of the page of the article that we created, this shows the importance of the title for the page that we created.

A good title can increase visitors engagement upto 50%. You can get title ideas from the Title Generator Tool by Teknologya. This will give you few title ideas you can select one. However, copying title exactly is not a good idea. Try to make something original from it.


The SEO friendly url will add power from the strength of the articles that we make SEO, while the canonical url that is on the meta serves to avoid duplicating internal data on blogs/websites.


Meta Description is the sentence below the url located below the title, the function of the meta description is a brief description of the article that we publish, the meta description is related to the title, url and keyword density.

4. HEADING H1, H2, H3, H4

SEO heading functions as an affirmation of the keywords that we develop from the keywords we are aiming for, & headings can also generate keywords derived from the keywords that we aim at in the title & meta description.


Content is very important for SEO , because in essence SEO aims to choose content that is quality, unique, useful and interesting, so focus when you create content on your website, make sure that the content you create is truly mastered, because the power of SEO rests on the content that we make, for creating blog or website content is usually a minimum of 500 words, & the keywords we use must contain keywords that the reference says are in the title, meta description & SEO URL.

If you cannot create content that attracts a second alternative path, you can use “SEO article writer services”, how to stay searching on Google about “article writing services”

For the composition of keywords also do not overdo it, it will adversely affect SEO articles that we have optimized, Google does not really like articles that are over optimization because Google will indicate that the article is a spam.


Pictures and videos have an impact on SEO, the answer is sure yes, if the additional data format for your content is an image then fill in the alt + title in your image, this can add to your SEO score.

Then if you add video data to your article, it will make the reading time on the article page longer and Google really likes it, because it reflects that the article page that we created is very interesting, so it can make readers feel at home & last a long time with the articles we make.


Most SEO beginners think that external links are a determining factor of the quality of backlinks that enter our portal, the fact is that internal links are also very popular with Google, the better we build our internal links with articles that are one niche, the less we need external influences link to make our portal or page become popular & can appear on page one of google.


Of all the points above it is very useful to be able to make our SEO truly effective, but don’t forget that SEO is something that keeps up with the times.

So we need tools to monitor our OnPage regularly to minimize errors that occur on the website system , a number of tools that can be used as references, namely retailer, copyscape, gtmetric, etc.

2. SEO-OffPage – In this section we play more outside of our website, in other words SEO-OffPage is the process of optimizing our website/page outside of our site, the term Blogger child “Backlink” or backlinks, but the concept that I captured from SEO-OffPage is a process to introduce our website through other portals or through social media.

The better & more link links we get, the faster we will be on the page “Animals” / Google Main Page / One.


Step Learning Onpage SEO Optimization


“The concept of a blog or portal that will be created”, which I mean here, think about the keywords that will be targeted by doing “Keyword Research” (for more details about keyword research can see in the summary of keyword research that I have collected and read).

Implementation Learning SEO starts from keyword research, without doing keyword research you will not have a target & finally produces maximum income from google, because in this complete guide to learning google SEO, we will start building SEO conceptually & also implementing the process from A to Z, & this technique is the way that the author uses to start creating a blog or web that can produce later.

Until now, make sure the web/blog that is building will be able to reach the maximum goal, by going through the steps to do keyword research with the “Google Keyword Planner” tool, you will start the right SEO method.


After doing keyword research the next step that will be done is to create a web/blog, until in this process I use blogspot as an example of creating a website that we will do in this step, the reason why I choose to create a blog from blogspot is because blogspot is free or Free. And there’s still another reason why I chose blogspot for my website or blog.


Did you know the SEO theme selection will improve the speed of traffic development on your website / blog ?, The selection of good themes is indeed very important to speed up the development of website traffic in the next few months. because some Google algorithms are now starting to see the architecture of website settings as a google ranking factor.


Next step 4 of the SEO guide is to create quality and unique articles, in implementation for quality & unique keywords that are articles that have neatly targeted keywords & enter the big 7 in these density keywords, have relatively long reading time, information can be presented in the form image writing or if it can be in the form of a video, the article will not be copied in the sense of being written alone.

Apply seo study guide points at this point, because website content will greatly improve the popularity of our website/blog.


In this 5 – point SEO-OnPage study guide we have entered into a deeper website script, if you don’t understand the creation of a website or blog you can be helped by the chosen SEO themes, but it should also be noted that for maximum results you can use themes SEO Premium for maximum results, if you use themes FREE, you can also come from SEO Friendly, but there are disadvantages, namely from the support developer.


In this SEO point 6 Learning Guide you will be faced with using SEO tools to monitor, maintain & maximize SEO-OnPage.

The more proficient you use the SEO support tools, the more likely the popularity of your web/blog is on page one of Google.


Why do you have to learn to create a web/blog that is SEO-OnPage, this is because the SEO success factor is a good OnPage, with OnPage learning then you will have done site optimization for almost 50%, then you can learn to write articles because the website’s success is reflected by the quality of the content because it starts learning to write good articles.

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