How To Connect A Joy-Con From The Nintendo Switch To A Mac

Most devices today share Bluetooth technology. We recently told you that Apple’s keynote showed us the compatibility of Xbox One and PS4 controllers with iOS 13 and iPadOS . We can also connect video game controllers to our Mac.

How to Connect a Joy-Con from the Nintendo Switch to a Mac
How to Connect a Joy-Con from the Nintendo Switch to a Mac

Sometimes we do not consider the compatibility of console controls with our computers, but connecting a controller from a console to a computer may be easier than it seems in principle. In this article we will see how we can easily connect a Joy-Con controller from the Nintendo Switch to a Mac. This will allow us to play on our apple computer as if we were doing it on a console.

How to connect the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to our Mac

As we explained in the previous paragraph, the procedure is very simple to perform. We will only have to follow the following steps:

  • Press the central button on the side of our Joy-Con. The lights on the remote will begin to flash indicating that we can pair it via Bluetooth.
  • On our Mac, click on “” – “System Preferences” – “Bluetooth”.
  • The Joy-Con will appear in the “Devices” window.
  • Click on “Connect” and once the pairing is finished we can use the Joy-Con as a normal game controller for our computer.

If you have a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, you are also in luck. You can connect it to your Mac by following the same steps as with the Joy-Con. In this case the gaming experience will be better than with the Joy-Con since it has less “lag” and establishes a more stable connection .

Use an application for mapping Nintendo Switch controls

Although the connection does not require anything for the controls to work well, it is advisable to use a mapping application to make the experience as good as possible. You have the Enjoy2 app available for this . With it you can configure the control buttons to your liking.

For now we can not connect the two Joy-Con simultaneously with our Apple computer, we have to settle for using only one. Hopefully in future updates you can implement the use of both at the same time.

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