How To Connect Your Mobile Device To An Ethernet Port

Let us guide you through a useful way to connect your phone via an Ethernet connection, such as when you connect a network cable to a PC or laptop.How to connect your mobile device to an ethernet port?Let’s see it.

Connect Your Mobile Device To An Ethernet Port
Connect Your Mobile Device To An Ethernet Port

How To Connect Your Mobile Device To An Ethernet Port

Wireless internet has grown exponentially and is easy to understand, as it is the first choice for most users thanks to the convenience it has. However, the speed is not always the best, and sometimes, this type of connection can lead to security problems.

This happens especially when someone uses the same Wi-Fi connection at the same time as you, security and speed issues are recurring when connecting via Wi-Fi. Therefore, there may be times when you want to use another way to connect with your Android device.

What do you need to make the ethernet connection?

There are many reasons why you might want to connect your Android smartphone or tablet to an Ethernet connection. Whether you’re just looking for super-fast speeds or planning to share your data with other devices, connecting via an Ethernet cable can help.

The question is,how can you do it?Here, you will discover one of the best and easiest ways to connect Android devices to an Ethernet connection. There are three things necessary to connect your Android to the Ethernet connection:

1. Android device must be running Marshmallow 6.0.1 or higher

Android Device must be runningMarshmallow 6.0.1or higher.

Released in 2015,Android Marshmallowhas introduced new drivers, which means that, having this OS or higher, you can connect your device directly to an Ethernet cable without having to root it.

You can see the version of Android you have, as follows:

  • Go to ”Settings” on your device.
  • Then go to ”About“.
  • In the information that appears on the screen, you will be able to see the version of the operating system you have.

If you have an older version, you must first updateAndroid Marshmallowso that you can connect to Ethernet.

If you have an updated phone of the year, you will have no problem.

2. You must have a USB OTG cable

USB OTG cableis an abbreviation of USB “On The Go”, it is a type of cable used for data transfer. It is a small cable that connects to the micro USB port of Android.

This cable is generally used to copy files to external memory, but it is also suitable for use on a LAN connection to the Internet. This cable differs from the charging cable in that it is for data transfer only, not power.

3. You must have an adapter USB Cable – Ethernet Cable

The final component required isa USB cable adapter with an Ethernet cable.

This adapter is designed to connect to Android devices through its micro USB port. It is important to note here that not allUSB OTG – Ethernet adaptersare compatible with all Android devices.

Therefore, you will need to make sure you find one that is compatible with your phone or tablet. This device is inexpensive.

How To Connect Your Mobile Device To An Ethernet Port

Before connecting your device to the Ethernet connection, you will need to turn off your Wi-Fi on the device. Connecting your Android to a wired Ethernet connection is pretty simple once you have all the parts you need.

  • Start by connecting your Ethernet to USB adapter with the Ethernet cable.
  • Then connect this adapter to the USB OTG cable.
  • Finally, connect the USB OTG cable to your phone.

Ready, your Android phone is already connected to Ethernet.

The Ethernet iconwill now appear in the upper right corner and all your applications, browsers, games, downloads, and more will start running through this icon.

To check that you are getting the maximum internet speed, run the speed test if desired. You will see that the speed is much better than the connection to Wifi.

The disadvantage of this type of connection is that your phone loses mobility. As long as it’s connected, you won’t be able to carry it around. The positive side is that the connection is much more secure and faster.

Ethernet Connection Problems

If you’ve followed these steps but it doesn’t seem to be connected properly, you can try the following:

Put your phone inairplane mode first, as this is a requirement for some phones, while others may depend on the ROM.

Otherwise,check that the essential drivers have not been removedfrom the Android device because if this happens, it will affect your connectivity.

In this case, the ideal is that you update your Android to the most updated OS at the moment, so you can recover the drivers.

Connecting your Android with an Ethernet connection will be quick and easy and will help you work with the fastest Internet speed.

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