How To Convert Images To Icons

Convert Images to Icons: Do you want to surprise your friends, would you like to turn photos into icons to personalize your PC desktop except that you are not very practical on the subject and you don’t know what to do? Quiet as usual, I’m here to help you and believe me that converting images to icons is easier than you think you just need to give me five minutes of your time.

How to Convert Images to Icons
How to Convert Images to Icons

How to Convert Images to Icons

How to convert images to icons: I present you a convenient service to create icons directly online from JPG to ICO with a click of the mouse.

  • To convert JPG to ICO, which is the default format of Windows icons, we use a free online service that with a few clicks allows you to create icons from photos and then you can surprise your friends by showing unique and customized icons from the Desktop folders and not the usual ones. and classic yellow folders.
  • The online service to transform JPG into ICO is called Ico Bradleygill in practice you can start from a normal image or photo in .JPG, .PNG, .GIF or .BMP format and transform it into an .ICO format icon which is nothing else as I wrote in previous paragraph the default format of the Windows Desktop icons.
  • To convert images into icons with Ico Bradleygill it is very simple to start the browser connected tothe main page of the service then click on the button with the word Browse and in the window that opens go to select the image or photo to be converted into an icon via the path and click the Open button to upload it online.
  • If the Browse button does not come out, do not worry it could happen due to the fact that you have not installed or enabled Adobe Flash Player , to continue the same click on the text Try simple mode then select the button that appears Choose file and in the window that opens via the path select the image to convert into an icon from the PC, click on Open and then from the Ico Bradleygill page the Upload button to upload the image online.
  • Without clicking anything, after a few seconds the service begins to process and convert images into icons, at the end you will notice your image transformed into .ICO format, then to download it to your PC click on it to start the download immediately.
  • At this point your icon transformed from a photo to .ICO is ready to be used, so to apply the icons obtained with the Ico Bradleygill online service it is very simple from the Windows Desktop click with the right mouse button on the folder you want to change the icon and from the menu that appears select Properties .
  • In the window that appears positioned on the tab with the wording Customize then click on the button at the bottom Change icon … then from the new window that opens click on Browse … and through the path select the icon you just converted to apply it to the folder, to this point select in the order Open > Ok> Apply> Ok and that’s it.

Final notes

And we arrived at the final notes of this guide how to convert images into icons. Tell us in the comment box if you have any issue.

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