How to Convert Text to Sound Into MP3 For Free

Converting text to voice and saving it to MP3 format can be done online or by installing a text to speech voice application. However, many of the tools or applications that convert text into real human-like voices are generally paid or not free.

How to Convert Text to Sound into MP3 for Free and Natural

How to Convert Text to Sound into MP3 for Free and Natural

This time the admin will share a tutorial on how to convert text into sound in MP3 format with many choices of male or female voices. One of the text to voice converter sites that is popular and produces natural sounds is

The text to sound conversion tool is very useful for vloggers, YouTubers or video editors who don’t want the trouble of recording or dubbing manually. Moreover, many content creators are not confident when speaking directly in front of the camera, so the application of composing writing into voice narration is the right choice.

On YouTube or social media, there are lots of videos circulating accompanied by narration which, if you listen carefully, will sound like a robot’s voice.

Where the free application that is widely used by YouTubers is Google Voice. However, the weakness is that in terms of sound, it sounds flat and unnatural like a real human voice.

How to Convert Text to Voice Online (Free)

There is an online site that provides text to speech conversion which has many language choices and voices that are similar to real humans, namely the voicemaker website. The steps for converting text to voice are as follows:

  • Open the browser on your laptop or smartphone
  • Then visit the Text to human voice converter site at
  • Register an account first using your email address
  • When you have logged in to the voicemaker account that has been created
  • Type the word or sentence you want to convert into sound
  • In the AI ​​Engine options section, select Neural TTS so that the voice is human-like
  • Then select the language you want to use
  • In the Voice section, select the name of the voice actor you want
  • In the Audio menu, select the format, whether MP3, OGG or WAV, then select the sample rate (the higher the sample rate, the clearer the sound, but the file size is also larger)
  • In the voice settings section, set the desired volume level and pronunciation speed (Voice speed)
  • In the Voice Effect Menu, just select default
  • If so, press the Convert to Speech button to hear the results
  • If it is as desired, press the Download button to download the results.

Placing periods, commas or spaces will determine whether the voice produced is good or not because the system will detect every letter or character written by the user.

For example, if you want a longer pause between sentences, then put a double space or more. Voicemaker users can also make settings in the Pitch, Emphasis, Pauses and other sections in the menu provided.

The free version of the Voicemaker application can only load up to 250 characters each time it is converted. However, the admin doesn’t think that’s a problem, because even if we want to create a long narrative, we can convert several parts and save them and the files can be connected in a video editor application.

In conclusion, for content creators who want to convert text into voice automatically without installing an application, they can convert it online on the voicemaker site with its many choices of AI Engine robots.

The MP3 Audio format from the Text to Speech conversion can be used in various video editor applications such as Cap Cut, FilmoraGo, Kine Master, Adobe Premiere and so on.

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