5 Cool Things You Can Do in Hungary

If you’ve been saving for a holiday, consider including Hungary in the list of beautiful destinations. Hungary is full of fascinating attractions, including historic sites and various traditions and cultures.

5 Cool things you can do in Hungary
5 Cool things you can do in Hungary

5 Cool things you can do in Hungary

Since the emergence of communism in the 1800s, the country has been a favorite destination for many travelers, and this post will discuss the five cool things you can do in Hungary.

Wager on Betting Sites

Hungarians love to bet on sports, especially football which is the most loved. Therefore, if you decide to visit this Eastern European tourist gem, know that you’re free to bet since the restrictions are not so tight. As a tourist in Hungary you can find the best sites to wager on as you enjoy your stay in the beautiful country.

In addition to betting sites, there are also casinos in Hungary that are worth your time. If you are not able to physically access one of the casinos you can always go online and check out the best online casinos in Hungary via online-kaszinó.com, so there is no need to worry.

Great Market Hall, Budapest

Although it’s not the only market in Hungary, the Grand Market Hall in Budapest is the most popular, and you can’t afford to miss its goodness. It is a multi-story market in a grand neo gothic structure near the Danube banks.

In the market there are thousands, so farmers sell a wide range of farm produce, and shoppers get fresh goodies. Don’t be surprised to see everything displayed on the ground, from vegetables, fruits, meat, and tourist souvenirs like Hungarian chess sets.

Suppose you get tired of shopping or want to chill while shopping, go to the upper floors that host cafes and enjoy a coffee or fresh snack. While at it, you can buy fresh fish to take home too. The excellent market hall is open six days a week except for Sundays.

Buda Castle

Catch the panoramic views of the entire Budapest city from Buda Castle. The castle is acclaimed to be the Paris of the East because of its association with a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The magnificent castle rides on its architectural beauty, making it a striking beauty. It was rebuilt in the 18th century when the Habsburg monarchy reigned.

Enjoy the admirable view of the Buda castle from the central dome, which is 61 meters high. You can also take a picture of the stunning Buzogány and South Towers that underwent reconstruction around the same time.

Don’t be mesmerized by the structural beauty and forget to look down at the river and its beautiful terrain, the adjoining hills that magnify the whole site. The catch for these stunning views is free entry.

Dohány Street Synagogue, Budapest

Besides the synagogues in Israel, the Dohány Street Synagogue is the largest. It was bombed to the ground during world war II by German Nazis but was reconstructed in the 1990s.

The garden has an attractive garden, and within it is an alluring silver weeping willow memorial. Its leaves are inscribed with the names of some missing Jewish or deceased people.

You’ll also see the monument of the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who touched people’s hearts by saving hundreds of Hungarian Jews during the second world war.

Huge bags are not permitted inside the synagogue, whereas small bags are searched at the entry. Therefore, if you decide to take a walk through the Doheny street synagogue, consider leaving behind your bag or luggage to avoid the hustle. Visitors are allowed to visit throughout the week apart from Saturdays.

Cruise rides in the Danube River

The Danube river splits Budapest city into two, and people use the Freedom Bridge to view the river flowing and sunsets. There’s the famous Danube Bend, where tourists can better view the majestic river, its terrain, and its surroundings.

Those who love trekking will find the Visegrád Mountains attractive as the excursion bend goes through the woody, mountainous area. If you want to experience the river winding, the Danube Cycle Path is where you need to go.

Although the palace is extensive, the guided tours will come in handy for you to fully enjoy the river’s scenic beauty. Don’t forget to enjoy a cruise through the river as boat operators line up along the river bank, ready to take you near Austria. Visit between 10:15 am and 10:15 pm daily and enjoy natural scenic views you’ll find nowhere else.

Hiking in Lillafüred

Pamper your body and soul in Lillafüred, the famous spa destination. However, if adventure is what you desire, explore caves in the region. As for the hikers, the trail of Szeleta cave has enough food and the Anna Limestone Cave.

Nonetheless, if hiking doesn’t interest you, but the beautiful sceneries in the area, take a train ride through the bumpy mountain to satisfy your senses. Enjoy the extensive food scenes at night as you explore the region under the moonlight.

Hungary traveling tips

When traveling to a new country, it’s imperative to have general information about it to avoid frustrations and blend into the society. If you plan to visit Hungary, here are handy travel tips.

  • Get the necessary vaccinations
  • Tap water is safe to drink in Hungary
  • Hungarian cuisines are mainly meats, fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, dairy products, and cheeses.
  • Eating while traveling around the country is safe.
  • You can willingly leave a tip after service, but it’s not compulsory.
  • Get a souvenir to take home
  • Hungary is a part of the European Union, and you can buy skin care products, fragrances, and fashion accessories tax-free with no restriction on the amount.
  • The legal currency is the Hungarian forint, but the British pound and Euros are acceptable.


With the above information, your visit to Hungary will be fun. The country prides itself in rich historical sites, art, delicacies, adventure, and entertainment, not forgetting the magnificent views of rivers and monumental structures. Therefore, once you’re ready to experience these lifetime ventures, a Hungarian vacation is unstoppable.

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