Top 7 Courses of Programming Languages for Students

It is not a secret that technology is improving every single day. That is why many people of different age groups realized that coding is one thing that can bring them profit.

Believe it or not, there are nearly 27 million developers in all parts of the world. Because of that, if you want to become successful in this industry, you need to find the best possible way to improve your knowledge.

Courses of Programming Languages for Students
Courses of Programming Languages for Students

Top 7 Courses of Programming Languages for Students

One of the best ways to reach your goals is by attending a course. However, before you select the most suitable one, it will be necessary to determine the programming language you want to learn. You can choose from JavaScript, PHP, C++, and others.

After you do that, the most challenging task comes – picking the right course. Indeed, millions of them are trying to reach people like you over different advertising channels.

However, that can also make things more complex because they all look almost identical. That is why we prepared a list of the top 7 courses of programming languages for students. Let’s find them out together!

1. The Complete Java MasterClass

If Java seems like an interesting programming language to you, this course can be an excellent choice. It is a practical programming language that you can use for creating websites, developing Android apps, etc.

When we talk about this course, more than 500 000 people have subscribed to it so far. You will manage to improve your skills to apply for different types of Java developer positions.

The course covers various topics such as Java EE, Spring Framework, and Android development. The lessons you get there will help you pass the Oracle Java Certificate exam and reach some of your career ambitions in that way.

The course is written by a professional Java developer Tim Buchalka who has nearly 20 years of experience in this industry.

2. Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero in Python 3

Believe it or not, Python is the most popular language in the world, with a market share of around 31%. People that are familiar with the Python programming language can work as web developers and data scientists. If that’s your desire as well, this course may be an excellent option.

You can find the course in five different languages – Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, German, French, and English. It will help you understand all the advanced features that Python has, such as working with timestamps, decorators, and collection modules.

Additionally, the course describes the creation of GUIs in the Jupyter Notebook system as well as the best practices to develop different games.

Currently, the rating of the course is 4.6. The reviews of other people can mean a lot to you because they are excellent social proof for everything you are doing online.

For instance, if you want to purchase a product, you will surely read the reviews of previous customers. Despite that, if you need a writing service, you will need to find the best paper writing service to confirm you are making a final decision. Because of that, you can be sure this course offers everything you need.

3. The Web Developer Bootcamp

Running a business without a website is almost impossible in today’s world. That’s the opportunity that all students should use. The demand for web developers increased in the last couple of years, and it will surely grow in the future.

After completing this course, you will know to work with HTML5, CSS3, and Modern JavaScript. Despite that, you will improve your knowledge about NodeJS, learn how to create Node modules, and, finally, develop responsive websites that many businesses need. Doesn’t this seem amazing?

4. Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games

People that plan to develop games can use the C# programming language as well. It is one of the leading languages designed by Microsoft that people can use to develop different desktop GUI apps.

The course itself will boost your knowledge about this programming language and teach you to develop games using Unity (a popular game engine).

Yet, the list of benefits does not stop there. You will also get familiar with Algorithms and Data structure. These two practices are essential for effective program writing.

Just like the previous cases, the average rating of this course is 4.6. So far, nearly 300 000 students have subscribed to it. You can be one of them.

5. The Complete JavaScript Course 2021: Build Real Projects

The awesome instructor Jonas Schmedtmann prepared everything you should know about JavaScript. His course includes different challenges and projects that can serve as an inspiration and final exams to test your knowledge.

A course is an excellent option for beginners as well as intermediate developers that want to become experts.

6. The Complete Python Developer in 2021: Zero to Mastery

Andrei Beagoie designed another course for people that plan to become python developers. The course covers a wide range of topics such as automation, machine learning, web development, and others.

After you gather all the necessary information, Andrei prepared a list of projects you will need to complete independently. That is the best way to test your skills before applying for a job.

Yet, there is something that makes this course unique and entertaining. The subscribers will get the chance to enjoy a wide range of interesting exercises, interactive animations, quizzes, etc.

7. iOS 13 & Swift 5 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

Becoming an app developer for iOS is not as difficult as you think. All you have to do is find a course like this one that will share all relevant pieces of information with you.

You will get familiar with the latest UI Framework known as SwiftUI and learn how to code games with Core ML (this will allow you to create apps that work thanks to machine learning).

The knowledge you get there will help you design a portfolio of iOS apps and raise your chances of getting a job. Of course, if you plan to become an entrepreneur, you can develop an app for your business and save your money (hiring a developer is not cheap).

Bonus Tip: Work on Your Self-Discipline

Programming languages are not difficult, but they do require time, patience, and self-discipline. You will sometimes need to spend 10 hours a day in front of your laptop until you complete your job.

Because of that, you need to define your fundamental values such as faith, healthy living, career success (what does success represent for you), and personal ambitions to remain motivated.

Final Thought

Learning all the programming languages is not a smart decision because you won’t manage to master either of them. Because of that, before you start looking for an appropriate course, try to define your goals, ambitions, and interests.

All these courses will help you become an expert in different fields. However, that doesn’t mean your knowledge improvement should stop there. Work hard, be patient, and the success will come!

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