How to Create a Community on YouTube

From dozens of plans to utilize Youtube in the marketing field, it is increasingly important to attract the attention of the audience. One way is to build connections with the audience through the community.

How to Create a Community on YouTube

How to Create a Community on YouTube

Community on YouTube is an important way to build relationships with viewers and subscribers. Here’s how to create a community on YouTube to increase relationships, subscribers and watch time.

Youtube Community Features

The YouTube community is a tool that content creators can use to interact in more communicative ways outside of videos. Features can include text, GIFs, opinions, and images.

Subscribers will also be able to comment and like or dislike posts, just like statuses on Facebook.

How to Create a Community on YouTube

To be able to create a community on YouTube, your channel must have more than 1000 subscribers and it takes a minimum of one week after passing the 1000 subscriber limit to get community features on your channel.

If your channel has more than 1000 subscribers and the community feature still doesn’t appear, then you need to activate a special channel layout so you can display the community tab.

How to Use and create Posts on the YouTube Community

To be able to make posts to the YouTube community, you can do this on the YouTube Studio Dashboard.

  • There is an option thereUpload > Create Post (This option will appear when your channel has more than 1000 subscribers).
  • Type a message to create a post, it can be an image and text, or a short video with text/caption.
  • You can also include the channel/other user tag feature to tag them if necessary.
  • Terakhir klikPosting.

After a post is published, subscribers will see it in theirfeed. And maybe some subscribers who have turned on the bell on the YouTube channel will get information directly..

Where is the YouTube Community Tab located?

The YouTube community tab is located on your channel page and is usually located in the middle menu on the channel. Located between thePlaylistandChannel tabs.

To build a community that continues to follow your channel, make sure you follow what your subscribers want so that their followers relate to you.

Also make sure to always be active on all information and maximize the features available on YouTube so you can improve your channel well.

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