How to Create a Playlist on YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the video-sharing portal par excellence. Since its foundation, in the technologically distant year 2005, it has revolutionized our way of understanding the Internet.

Today YouTube is synonymous with videos of all kinds: from reviews, tutorials, music videos, through trailers of new movie and video game releases and ending with podcasts. In short, on YouTube it is easy to find videos of our interest, for all tastes.

How to Create a Playlist on YouTube
How to Create a Playlist on YouTube

How to Create a Playlist on YouTube

To see them comfortably, we will see in this article,how to create a playlist on youtube, which as you can easily guess from the name, is none other than oneplaylist, in our case of videos that will be played automatically one after another. The term is already familiar to those who made playlists with their mp3 songs or to those who have to do with Spotify.

If you have been especially impressed by a video from your playlist, I also recommend that you take a look at our article in which we will explain how to download YouTube videos.

Create a YouTube playlist from your PC

Whatever your needs, creating a YouTube desktop playlist is very simple, just follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to the YouTube site from a PC or Mac;
  • Then log in with your Google account;
  • Find the video you want to add to your playlist;
  • Below the video, click the button “Save“;
  • A menu will open from which you can choose to insert the movie into the autoplay list “Look later“, Or in one of the already created playlists;
  • In the same menu, you can also create new playlists by simply clicking the “Create new playlist“;
  • Will appear below two other fields, which “Name” And the one dedicated to the privacy options to choose from for the playlist (“Private“,”Not listed“, E”Publish“);
  • At this point you can press “Create“And start adding clips to it.

To access, listen to, or edit a playlist, just press the “MARCO Collection“. On the page that loads you will find all our playlists, here just click on the one of our interest to be able to modify it.

For those who wonder, I remember that the address of our playlist is at the top of the page browser address bar The address is very useful to quickly share the playlist.

Moreover,there is a quick way to add videos to our playlist even directly from search results listor simply hover over the video of interest, you will see the button with the three dots placed vertically next to the name of the video. By clicking on it with the mouse, you can select the item “Save to a playlist“.

Create a playlist in the YouTube app from smartphones and tablets

Creating a playlist on a mobile device is very similar to creating a playlist on a desktop computer, you must:

  • Open the YouTube application on your device;
  • Access is automatic, if you have multiple Google accounts, the application will ask you which one you prefer to use;
  • At this point, you should find the video of your interest. Below the play panel is the “Save“;
  • If you press and hold the button, a screen similar to the one in the screenshot will appear, where you can choose to insert the clip into a previously created list or where you can choose to create a new one;
  • In this case, tap at the top of “New playlist“;
  • Once pressed you will have to enter the name of the video list and the privacy settings (“Private“,”Not listed“, E”Publish“);
  • Once we have created our playlist we will be ready to insert all the videos we prefer.

A quick way to add videos to our playlist also directly from the search results list is to press the button with the three dots placed vertically next to the name of the video and select the item “Save to a playlist“.

To access the screen containing your playlists, perhaps to edit or share them, at the bottom of the YouTube app, simply press the “button.MARCO Collection“.

The privacy settings:Private, not listedmiPublishin detail

Both created playlists and videos can have three levels of visibility on YouTube., we deepen them so that you always know which one to choose:

Private, this is the simplest option of all, where the playlist will only be available to you who created the playlist. The playlist will not appear in any user search.

Not listedis an intermediate option, in which the playlist will only be visible to those who have its link, so you will have to provide the link of the playlist you created to those interested.

Public, this is also a very simple option to understand, in which the playlist will be accessible by each user both through search and through a direct link.

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