How to Create a Squinting Eye Illusion that Will Go Viral in 2023

Have you ever seen an image that can only be seen by squinting? These images are also called hidden images or stereogram images.

How to Create a Squinting Eye Illusion that Will Go Viral in 2023

How to Create a Squinting Eye Illusion that Will Go Viral in 2023

Stereograms are images consisting of repeating patterns that hide other images within them. Stereogram images are images that give a three-dimensional impression when viewed in a certain way.

These two types of images can be created using special techniques, both manually and digitally. Here are some ways to create images that can be seen by squinting 2023.

How to Create a Hidden Image Manually

One way to create hidden images manually is to use lined paper. You can follow these steps:

  • Prepare lined paper, pencil, eraser, and ruler.
  • Draw the simple shape you want to hide in the center of the lined paper. For example, you can draw hearts, stars, circles, or letters.
  • Erase the lines inside the shape you drew. Don’t delete lines that are outside the shape.
  • Add repeating patterns around the shapes you draw. These patterns can be dots, stripes, squares, or other shapes. Make sure these patterns are the same distance apart as the paper stripes.
  • Finished! You have successfully created a hidden image manually. To see hidden images, you can squint and look at the image from a close distance.

How to Create the Illusion of Squinting Your Eyes Digitally

One way to create stereogram images digitally is to use an online application. You can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Easy Stereogram Builder websitein your browser.
  • Choose one of the available background images or upload your own.
  • Select one of the available depth images or upload your own depth image. Depth images are black and white images that determine the high and low levels of the image surface.
  • Click the “Create Stereogram” button to create your stereogram image.
  • Finished! You have succeeded in creating a digital stereogram image. To see a hidden three-dimensional image, you can view the image from a distance of about 30 cm and focus your gaze behind the image.

Images that can be seen by squinting are images that hide other images within them.

There are two types of images like this, namely hidden images and stereogram images. Hidden images can be created manually using lined paper.

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