How To Create And Configure Guest Wi-Fi Access Using Freebox

The Freebox allows its users to create guest Wi-Fi access since the Freebox OS 3.5 update. You must be equipped with either a Freebox Revolution or a Freebox Mini 4K.

how to Create and Configure Guest Wi-Fi access using Freebox
how to Create and Configure Guest Wi-Fi access using Freebox

The Freebox V5 and Crystal do not benefit from this functionality. We explain in this tutorial the steps to configure a Wi-Fi guest access, follow the guide!

The Freebox OS 3.5 update brings a lot of new features and among them, the “Guest Wi-Fi access” functionality. Unfortunately, only the Freebox Revolution and Freebox Mini 4K are affected at the moment, so owners of a Freebox V5 or Crystal cannot take advantage of it. For others, this tutorial explains how to configure it.

Freebox: how to create and configure guest Wi-Fi access

    • As FreeNews rightly points out , a restart of the Freebox allows you to update your device if you have not already upgraded to firmware version 3.5.0 or later.
    • In the Freebox OS area , go to Freebox settings> Local network> Guest Wi-Fi.
    • Click on “Create guest Wi-Fi access”.
    • You can then start setting up Wi-Fi access.
    • Choose a password, which will be used to connect to the access point.
    • Choose the maximum number of devices allowed to connect. The limit is set at 128.
    • Select an access type. “Internet access” will allow guests to surf the web, “Local Network” also allows them to connect to your devices, access shared files …
    • Choose an access duration, which can be defined as an hour, two days, several weeks or even an indefinite time.
    • Imagine a description to locate the network, you can be original.
    • You are offered a QR Code, so that guests can connect to the access point automatically without having to enter the password.

Note that the Android app Freebox Companion – My Freebox also received an important update on January 29, 2018. Among all the new features it offers, we find the creation and configuration of a guest Wi-Fi access. Just launch the app on a smartphone connected to Wi-Fi and follow the steps described above.

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