Create Temporary E Mail | The Best Sites, Telegram Bots And Applications

Create Temporary E Mail: You have probably already heard of temporary emails? If this were not the case, we will explain in this article how they are created, what they are and what differences there are with classic non-temporary emails like Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Create Temporary E Mail | The best sites, Telegram Bots and Applications
Create Temporary E Mail | The best sites, Telegram Bots and Applications

Create Temporary E Mail

Do you know the manyspam emailsyou receive after registering on any site? With these emails you can finally saygoodbye to spam!

Create temporary working eMail

How much do you care about your primary email? Do you want to avoid receiving continuous spam, pishing, scams and other unwanted content?

To avoid this, the steps are very simple:

  1. Create a free temporary email
  2. Use it to register instead of the main email
  3. Your personal email is now clean and without spam-filled emails

Creating a temporary emailis a very simple action and requires very few moments, there are many different sites online that offer this service for free.

Most of these temporary emails allow you to receive emails, so you can check the accounts that require clicking on the confirmation email and some even write emails, just like Gmail.

After discovering how to create these emails I suggest you use them on most of the sites where you register, so that you can use your primary email only on important sites like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, etc.

The best sites to create a temporary email

To create these emails, in addition to websites, we can also useapplicationsand evenbots on Telegram!

But let’s start by seeing the websites:


TempMail is the site I mainly use to create temporary emails, you just need to open the site and it will immediately create your email.

The emails created on this site sometimes last even longer than 24 hours!

On the left are the 4 main commands:copy, update, change and delete.All received emails will appear in the center of the page.



This other site is one of the most famous on the web and one of the fastest online!

It allows you to create a temporary email lasting 10 minutes, with the possibility of adding another 10 minutes (for several times) for free by simply clicking a button.

Next to the counter you will find two buttons, the first to copy the email while the second server to reset the counter to have another 10 minutes.

The emails will appear under the green bar.


It is one of the bestservices to create a temporary email.

It allows you to choose the name of the email, the domain of the email and also set a password to protect the box.

Furthermore, it has a duration of30 days.

But it doesn’t end here! WithTempr.emailyou can alsowrite emails,in practice it is like creating a real email but without leaving any trace.

Visit –


A site that stands out for the duration of the email box, a full8 days.

You just need to choose the name to be given to the email and then click oncheck emailto create the temporary email and be redirected to a screen where you can manage it.

All received emails are stored for 8 days and then deleted.

Visit – YOPmail

Fake Email Generator

Perhaps the easiest site to use, you just need to open the site and it will automatically create your temporary email.

By clicking on copyyou can then copy the address and in the lower part the site checks in real time the arrival of new email.

As you can see from the picture above, the site is very easy to use, the email has a duration of 24 hours, after which it is destroyed.

Visit – Fake Email Generator

The best TELEGRAM BOTS – create a temporary email

Telegram has now become an app capable of doing everything, we can eliminate many useless sites by passing directly to the Telegram bots.

Let’s discover the best telegram bots to create a temporary email.

  • Email2Telegram
    Very easy to use, once pressedstart it will immediately reply with the email you have been assigned.
  • E-Mail Bot
    After starting it it will create two emails: one with your telegram username and one with a sequence of random numbers.
    Supports receiving emails that are deleted as soon as received, so as to leave no trace.
  • DropMailBot
    This bot allows you to generate endless emails in total security, with the / list command you can then see all the addresses created.
    The bot is connected to the site
  • Fake Mail
    This bot already has an extra function, to choose the name of the email.
    With the command / generate it creates a random email, while with the / set command it allows you to give the name to be given to the temporary email.
  • TempMail
    The bot made the most of all in terms of controls and functionality.

Giving the command / set will create a temporary email, while clicking on the trash symbol will destroy the email.

You can also go back (command “come back”) and create another email. Thus managing more emails in a single bot.

Best app to create a temporary email

If instead of using a website or a telegram bot, you prefer to have an application brought to fingertips then read on to find out the best ones tocreate a temporary email.

The apps we’re going to see are for Android and iOS, both smartphones and tablets.

Instant Email Address (Android and iOS)

Absolutely the best App and service tocreate temporary emails with unlimited duration.

But not only that, it also allows you to write emails and add attachments!

Temp Mail (Android)

As seen also theTemp Mailsite also has a practical application for Android, with the same features


Temporary Email (iOS)

A really simple app, allows you to create a temporary email for free. Once created, you just need to go back to the app to check your inbox.


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