Cryptolocker Virus: What It Is, How It Is Transmitted And Cleaned

Cryptolocker Virus: How Does It Work ?, How is it spread? and How to Clean Cryptolocker Virus? we will answer your questions.

Cryptolocker Virus: What It Is, How It Is Transmitted and Cleaned
Cryptolocker Virus: What It Is, How It Is Transmitted and Cleaned

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What isCryptolockerVirus?

Today, we are encountering virus problems on our computers and phones many times. The hackers we call as malicious hackers threaten our security by infiltrating various viruses into our personal devices. One of these viruses is a virus called Cryptolocker.

Let us first tell you what the Cryptolocker virus is and for what purposes it can be used. This virus encrypts your various data when it first infects your system. For example, your documents, media files, database data and many more important data can be included.

It is not very easy to clean this virus from a infected system. It is very important to take all the necessary security precautions before infecting your system at first. After taking all your security measures, this virus cannot be easily transmitted to your device.

However, since it can easily infect the systems of people without security software, let’s give some more details about this virus.


It encrypts all your data with a very strong algorithm since it is first opened on your system. This algorithm is so powerful that it is almost impossible to break. It encrypts your data after it is first opened and displays a panel after encryption.

In this panel, he mentions that if you do not pay immediately, the fee will increase considerably over time. You can only pay with Bitcoin. You cannot pay in any way other than Bitcoin, and the Bitcoin system is never traceable.

In other words, bank account flows and money of people included in this system can never be monitored. With this method, people can confiscate money without being followed up by committing a crime as they wish. If you do not make the payment in the first 2 hours, the money will double and if you do not make it in the other 4 hours, it will double again.

How Is Cryptolocker Virus Transmitted?

Since the Cryptolocker virus encrypts data with a very strong algorithm, the password can take years to crack, so virus companies are especially targeted. Once infected by one of the systems targeting a company, the virus spreads in the network, capturing all systems, and converting the extension of all data on the systems it captures to .encrypt.

After converting it to this extension, it becomes almost impossible to recover that data. Of course, we said that it is impossible to get rid of this virus. Regardless of how you got infected, a PDF file sounds like a very high internet invoice, mostly by mail.

It is recommended that you download and review this PDF file to learn the details. All your data is encrypted when you download and run it. There are also fake variations of the Cryptolocker virus on the market.

How to Clean Cryptolocker Virus?

How to Clean Cryptolocker Virus?The answer to the question is quite detailed and long. Therefore, we are sharing the video thatexplainsthe best ways forCryptolocker virus solution. Toremove Cryptolocker virus, follow the steps in the video below.

You can download the programs mentioned in the video by clicking the links below.

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