How To Customize PS4 Background

Customize PS4 Background: Two simple methods to capture images and set them as PS4 wallpaper. Have you just seen a beautiful image that will make your Sony console menu sparkle? Great, but unfortunately we can’t insert it directly as a background. Fortunately, there are very specific ways to do this.

How to Customize PS4 Background
How to Customize PS4 Background

How to Customize PS4 Background

Method 1: PS4 background with Messenger

  • First, we need to get the right App for our Smartphone. This is for example the one for Android ( We connect the App to our Account and look for someone to send a message with a lot of image.
  • We can also create a group in the case and send an image there, but in general we always have to choose someone who will not bother that we are sending images at random.
  • Once we have sent the image, we open the messenger in the PS4. Let’s go into the message we launched just a little while ago. We open the image and wait for the field to be free.
  • At that point, we press the Share button (the one for sharing) long enough to take a screenshot. At that point the image will be transported to the internal gallery, where we can use the image as a background!

Method 2: PS4 wallpaper from the web

if our PS4 is regularly connected to the internet and we don’t mind browsing around, we can find a large amount of wallpapers that we can use for our console.

For example, on Imgur just search for “Wallpapers” or “HD Wallpapers” and among the results we will certainly find collections of wallpapers to use for our console.

What is important is to open the image completely, in order to put it in full screen. Then we always use the usual system: we press the Share button for a long time and we go to get our new background in the gallery.

Remember that you can also change the behavior of the Share button in the PS4 settings if it bothers you to long press the button or if it doesn’t work at all.

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