Data Science Services

Data Science is a professional activity associated with the efficient and most reliable search for patterns in data, the extraction of knowledge from data in a generalized form, as well as their design in order to make informed decisions in a form suitable for processing by interested parties:

  1. people;
  2. software systems;
  3. control devices.

Five Key Trends

Data Science Services
Data Science Services

Accelerating the introduction of AI in business

Over the past few years, AI has gradually become a mainstream technology for both small and large enterprises, and there is every reason to believe that this will continue for the next few years thanks to data science consulting.

Today we are in the early stages of using AI, but it is likely that by the end of 2020 we will see new and more progressive methods of using it in scientific fields and business.

The driving force behind this rapid growth is the fact that AI enables companies of all sizes to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes and operations. It can also help you achieve tremendous success in managing customer and user data.

Another trend that will take shape in the coming months is automated ML, which is helping transform data science course with improved management. This will require aspiring scientists to take specialized courses to learn deep learning techniques.

Rapid growth of IoT

According to IDC, investments in IoT technologies will reach $ 1 trillion by the end of 2020. Dollars, which is clear evidence of the expected growth in the number of “smart” and connected devices.

Many people already use apps and devices to use them to control their household appliances – electric ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions.

These are all examples of underlying IoT technology, and users often may not know what lies behind it. Smart devices make it easy for people to automate everyday tasks at home like:

  • Google Assistant;
  • Amazon Alexa;
  • Microsoft Cortana.

It’s only a matter of time before companies use them in combination with business applications and start investing more in this technology.

Data Science Services
Data Science Services

Evolution of big data analytics

Effective big data analytics undoubtedly help enterprises gain a significant competitive advantage and achieve their core goals. Today they use various tools and technologies, such as Python, to analyze their data sets.

More and more companies have focused on identifying the reasons behind certain events that are happening now, and in this case predictive analytics comes to the rescue – it allows you to identify trends and predict what may happen in the future.

For example, it is useful for determining user habits based on the history of views or purchases. Sales and marketing professionals can analyze these patterns to create more targeted strategies to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Growing demand for data security professionals

Without a doubt, the introduction of AI and ML will lead to the emergence of many new specialties in the IT and high-tech industries. One of the most demanded will be a data security specialist.

There are already enough AI, ML and data scientists on the job market, but there is also a need for data security professionals who can analyze and process data so that they can be passed on to clients in a secure manner.

To perform these functions, they must be well versed in the latest technologies such as Python and other popular languages that are used in data science and analytics. A clear understanding of Python concepts will help solve data security issues.

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