Dedicated Server – What Is It And Who Needs It?

A few simple solutions are enough to get noticed on the Internet. You need a domain, shared hosting or cloud products with higher parameters depending on the expected traffic. All of the above ingredients can be found in our offerings at A wide range of domains, virtual cloud servers for small pages and dedicated servers and VPS cloud for websites with high user traffic.

Dedicated Server - What Is It And Who Needs It?
Dedicated Server – What Is It And Who Needs It?

Dedicated Server – What Is It And Who Needs It?

Today’s companies often need more efficient solutions that better support the performance and speed of the website, their own data centers. Dedicated servers were created for this purpose, which as a more convenient server option are designed for the needs of only one client.

Shared server hosting didn’t always work in practice because websites, especially the most advanced ones, became very unstable and very slow in these cases.

Therefore, dedicated servers are a much better solution. To make the right choice, you should pay attention to a number of features that a dedicated server should have.

A dedicated server gives you complete freedom to use the entire server. It is not limited to other users, so you get all the power of the server for yourself.

The main features of a dedicated server:

  1. Performance
  2. reliability
  3. reliability
  4. Reliability SLA renewable guarantee

Dedicated servers – features of the optimal offer

A good dedicated server must have a number of basic features, without which it will never be able to perform its tasks properly. First of all, it must be efficient – otherwise, its use will be one succession of constant problems with availability and uninterrupted operation.

For this reason, such servers must run on hardware characterized by high class and quality. Capacity is also very important – each user should be able to store as much data as he needs.

In addition, a good dedicated server must meet other conditions, giving the customer access to a full package of services, ensuring the reliability of this server:

  • No activation fees,
  • Perpetual contracts,
  • Protection from DDOS,
  • Service ready in 5 minutes,
  • 24×7 technical support

Usually, the dedicated servers that are offered have all of the aforementioned features, so they can be an interesting proposition for everyone

Choosing a really good dedicated server that can meet all our requirements is very important. That is why it is worth carefully determining your needs and reading the individual offers in our offer.

How is a VPS server different from a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is an independent machine which exists physically. The environment is subject to direct administration.

VPS servers are virtualized servers, usually several VPSs on one physical server. They are something in between shared hosting and a dedicated server.

Who administers my server?

As a rule, when transferring access to the server, the client assumes the full administration of the dedicated server.

The service can take over the full administration of the server or perform a one-time order after a preliminary assessment with the client.

The following tools are used for the administration of the dedicated server:

  • Client Panel – for the simplest operations (e.g., installation, startup, shutdown, system reset).
  • Plesk Panel – allows you to administer the most important functions without the necessary knowledge of Linux.
  • SSH Console – manage the server from the command line.
  • Remote Desktop – for dedicated servers with Windows Server operating system.

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