How To Delete A Watermark From A Photo Of Android Camera

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to remove a watermark from photos of Android Camera. I often see on many Android phones especially Chinese brands, every time you take a photo using the default camera application, the “Shot on” watermark is automatically added to the lower left corner of the image.

How To Delete A Watermark From A Photo Of Android Camera

Watermarks indicate the name of the cellphone company and sometimes the name of the model too. Many smartphone manufacturers apply this automatic watermark on all photos to promote their brand name and cellphone model.

How To Delete A Watermark From A Photo Of Android Camera

On most of these phones, the watermark option is activated by default and the phone automatically places a watermark on all photos taken by the user. On some phones, watermarks also display user information such as the name if specified by the user.

Personally, I do not like this watermark in the photo. I want a perfect shot that isn’t cluttered by watermarks and telephone information. Fortunately, there are ways to deactivate or delete watermarks on photos on Google Android phones.

The Camera application allows users to show or hide watermarks on photos and users can turn on or turn off the watermark feature according to their requirements.

If you also use a smartphone and you want to delete the watermark on photos taken by the camera application, this tutorial will help you. Also if your phone supports the watermark feature but doesn’t add watermarks automatically to photos, this tutorial will help you add watermarks to all photos.

This tutorial will apply to all Android phones that support watermark features such as OnePlus, Xiaomi Redmi (Poco), Gionee, Vivo, Oppo (Realme), etc. This will also work with third-party Camera applications downloaded from the Google Play Store that also support the watermark feature.

Delete a watermark on an Android cellphone camera photo

Please follow the steps below to add or delete watermarks on the camera photo on your Android phone:

1. First open your mobile camera application.

2. Now open Settings or Options in your Camera application. On some phones, the Settings or Options icon (Gear icon) is in the upper right corner of the Camera application. On some phones, you need to swipe from the left or bottom to access the Camera Settings or Options icon.

3. After you open the Settings or Options page in the Camera application, look for the watermark option. Generally labeled as “Shot on watermark”, “Photo watermark”, “Camera watermark”, “Dual camera watermark”, etc.

To deactivate or delete a watermark on a photo, set the toggle button given for the watermark option to OFF.

To add and display watermarks on a photo, set the switch button given for the watermark option to ON.

There he is. Now your mobile will always show or hide the watermark on all photos taken by the Camera application based on options set by the user.

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