How to Delete Default Android Applications?

Sometimes, the default applications from cellphone vendors place games and other applications so that they take up excessspace in storage memory even though they are still new.Sometimes, these so-called default Android applications can also interfere with RAM performance if the default applications are not very important, such as games.

How to Delete Default Android Applications (Latest + Easy!)

How to Delete Default Android Applications (Latest + Easy!)

However, if you want to delete the default Android application, don’t just do anything. This is so that serious problems do not occur related to your cellphone’s operating system. Therefore, you need to be careful about this.

Actually, default Android applications cannot be deleted. Users can only deactivate the application. However, in fact the default Android applications can also be deleted, you know. Curious? Follow these steps so you know how to delete the latest Android default applications.

How to Delete Default Applications on Android Phones

There are several methods and steps that you can use to find out how to delete default Android applications. Here, we will tell you the steps!

1. Delete Default Applications Without Root

Deleting default applications seems impossible to do. Most Android cellphone operating systems do not allow users to delete these applications. However, several cellphone vendors can delete default Android applications without root.

Before giving up, you can try this method first to find out whether the default applications on your cellphone can be deleted or not. So, here are the steps you can take.

  • Open Settings on your Android cellphone
  • Select the Application/Apps/Applications menu in the settings menu. You will see several applications on your cellphone
  • After that, click on the application you want to disable and delete it. The characteristics are that there are two options that appear in the application, namely Disable and Force Stop
  • Click the Disable button to delete the alias uninstall the application. If it can’t be deleted, try clicking the Force Stop button. Why? This is likely because the application is still running in the background so it must be stopped first
  • Then once again click Disable and press Ok
  • Done, the default Android application on your cellphone has been successfully deleted

Note: sometimes, the default application can run again as before once connected to Wifi. To overcome this, turn off automatic application updates on your cellphone’s Google Play Store. With this, if your cellphone is connected to Wifi. the application will no longer work.

2. Using Third Party Applications

Next, the way to delete default Android applications is to use third-party applications. There are lots of applications scattered on the Google Play Store that can be used for this second method. However, the most frequently and commonly used is CCleaner.

This application can also function as a cache cleaner left on an Android cellphone. For the steps, you can follow below.

  • Download the CCleaner application on the Google Play Store, and open the application
  • Select the Options menu at the top left of the application and select App Manager
  • When you get to this section, you will see applications categorized into three, namely Installed, System and Disable. Installed means applications installed on an Android cellphone, then System which shows applications that support the functions of your Android cellphone which are also called default applications, while the Disable category means you can see applications that have been disabled.
  • Select the System tab and click on the application you want to disable and click on the trash can image which is located at the bottom right. Note, don’t choose an application with the Android logo because if you delete it there is a possibility that your cellphone will experience system problems
  • If a pop up or notification appears, select Reboot Now to delete the application permanently

How to delete default Android applications with CCleaner can be done on various types of Android cellphones. This is because the CC Cleaner application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

3. Delete additional applications with a rooted cellphone

This third method can only be practiced if your Android cellphone is already rooted. How to? Follow the steps below.

  1. Download the System App Remover application on the Google Play Store
  2. After installing, open the application and a SuperSU notification or pop up will appear asking for root access. Just click Grant and Allow
  3. Select the default Android application that you want to delete. You can choose several applications at once that are considered not so important in function
  4. Click Uninstall
  5. A pop up will appear, click Yes
  6. Wait until the application uninstallation process is complete
  7. The default applications on your Android cellphone are also deleted

Those are the steps you can apply to know how to delete your default Android applications. By deleting the applications you are using, you can also leave sufficient storage memory so that the performance of your Android cellphone is more optimal and smooth.

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