How to Delete Full Google Drive Storage

Here’s how to delete Google Drive files along with tips for freeing up storage capacity so you can save more space available in the online application.

How to Delete Full Google Drive Storage

Google Drive is often used to store or backup files. So don’t be surprised if at any time the provided storage can become full.

Google Drive provides 15GB of storage for free users. And additional storage for paid users. Even so, most users currently use the free version. And it could be said, 15GB is sufficient for daily needs.

However, over a period of time, Google Drive storage may become full. This is caused by the accumulation of stored files. Whether it’s uploaded, or a copy of a file from someone else’s drive.

When you find your Google Drive storage capacity is full, you can empty it using the following method.

How to Free Up Full Google Drive Storage

The first step you need to prepare is to log in to the Google Drive account you are using. It is recommended that you use a computer or laptop, not a smartphone so that the deletion process can be easier.

If so, then please connect the computer or laptop to the internet. Then open the browser you usually use, then visit the Google Drive site at

On the main Google Drive page, please click My Drive. There you will see your saved Google files. Please sort, first look for files that are no longer used. Then right-click the file, then select Delete.

After you press the Delete button, the selected files will be automatically moved to the trash. Continue again, look for files that are no longer used, then selectDelete.

Keep repeating the steps above until all unnecessary files are deleted. Also remember, to delete your own files, not files shared by others.

Next, press theTrashmenu on the left side of Google Drive. In this menu, you will see the files that have been moved to the trash.

Please confirm again whether there are files you want to save or not. If you think it’s enough, pressCtrl + Athenright clickand selectthe Delete Foreveroption.

What if files in Google Drive cannot be deleted?

If a file in Google Drive cannot be deleted, it is likely that the file is not yours, but someone else’s.

A characteristic of files belonging to other people is that when they are opened with another email account (or in incognito mode in a browser), explained on one of the Uplotify site pages, the message “Access Denied” will appear.

But usually even though it cannot be deleted, the file will later disappear from your Google Drive.

Then make sure that when you delete files, the internet connection is stable. Because if it’s just slow, this can make the file deletion process fail.

Another tip: You can try changing browsers, then logging into your account from Google Drive into that browser. Sometimes these tips can help.

Solution if Google Drive is full even though it is empty

Sometimes Google Drive can appear full, even though it is empty. In terms of the system provided by Google, this is impossible to happen.

Therefore, the only reason why, is because you have not deleted the files in the trash.

As explained, to delete files in Google Drive, there are two steps that need to be done. The first is to delete the initial file, then confirm the second deletion.

If you only do the first step, without confirming, don’t be surprised if Google Drive looks full but looks empty. Therefore, please check again.

So that’s the review, how you can delete files in Google Drive. Hopefully it’s useful.

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