Destiny’s Call | How to Choose Your Future Career

What steps should job-seekers take to decide on their career goals? What should they seriously consider and ask themselves? Deciding on a future career is a daunting task since there’s no guarantee of what the future might hold. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of motivational pointers to help any professional out.

Destiny’s Call | How to Choose Your Future Career

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Moving on, here is what job-seekers can consider when maneuvering through their future career lives.

Destiny's Call | How to Choose Your Future Career
Destiny’s Call | How to Choose Your Future Career

1. Firstly, Listen To Yourself

People often seek authority on the outside. This means that people will find comfort in the authority of others, but often forget that the person they should listen to the most is themselves.

Of course, not everyone in the world is in the right state (or has the freedom) to be the master of their destiny, but for the majority who do have this privilege ‒ don’t waste it.

It’s okay to take in the advice of other people and to take in their feedback constructively, but in the end, everyone has their own life to live. People shouldn’t forget that nobody knows them as they know themselves. Only they know their innermost thoughts and feelings.

This is why it’s important to be authentic to ourselves when thinking of where we want to be in life. Eternal and ultimate happiness does not exist, but misery will come to those who suppress their own voice/self for too long.

2. Identify Your Wants and Needs

Some people take comfort in working a job that gives them a stable income, while others are happier working a job doing something they like. Some people want to simply make money, while others do things for the sake of doing it. And it’s okay to be both since there’s no right way. Remember, everyone is different.

Everyone wants something different out of life, and even when we all have similar desires, everyone goes about achieving their goals in different ways. And our priorities all differ as well.

When choosing a career, even for those who are confused and unsure, it’s best to take some time to reflect and think about their core wants and needs in life.

A career is a big decision and a big part of everyday life. Job-seekers should be clear about what they want and what they don’t want.

3. Don’t Stress It

One thing that hinders people and leaves them burnt out is stressing themselves out. It’s okay to be uncertain, and sometimes answers just won’t come instantaneously ‒ it’s better to accept it as it is in the moment than beating yourself up for it.

Overthinking can dampen anybody’s mood and give them tunnel vision. What most people don’t get is that the more they relax, the easier it will be to figure out what they want to do in life. Don’t get us wrong, some people thrive in high pressure, but for those who don’t, we recommend taking the time needed to reach some sort of decision.

Destiny's Call | How to Choose Your Future Career
Destiny’s Call | How to Choose Your Future Career

4. Decide If The Consequences Are Worthy

Most of us need to come to terms with the fact that regardless of the path we choose in life, there’s going to be pain that will come along with it. Everything has its pros and cons, especially careers.

Job-seekers should ask themselves if they will be capable of accepting whatever obstacle there may be in the path they choose without letting it break them.

If they like something enough, or if they want something enough, the pain that comes with that decision should be bearable.

But many people forget this and choose paths that test them constantly, without giving them enough pleasure/inspiration to move forward.

It’s a push-pull, when we do things that we actually enjoy doing or are positively challenged with, we have more chances of moving forward even in hard times. Yet when we do things that give us no ounce of joy, we quickly get drained.

5. Plan But Take Action

Planning is never a bad idea. And we don’t mean obsessive and overly meticulous planning. A bit of organization can help a lot in the long run. However, some things in life can only be learned by doing and taking action.

Sometimes, it’s even better to just learn things along the way, because answers and everything else can sometimes come at the heat of the moment.

The initiative is key, and there is no perfect or right moment, there’s only here and now. We’re ready when we decide that we are.

6. Welcome Failure And Change

Failure is inevitable in one’s career. It’s normal to be afraid of failure, but it shouldn’t be a reason to stop trying altogether. Fail once, twice, thrice, fail a hundred times if you have to.

If a specific career is really what you long for, you’ll be able to bounce back as many times as they need to until they hit the jackpot.

For those who’ve failed and see no point or feel no joy in the path that they chose, what’s important for them is to not fear change but embrace it.

It is completely fine to change paths, and go another way altogether. Sometimes we realize what we want to do career-wise only later in life, and that’s okay.

7. Enjoy The Journey

Lastly, many of us forget to enjoy the journey. This means, taking a step back from time to time, and appreciating how far we’ve come. Being grateful for what we have in the present moment, and believing that we have everything we need to move forward.

While pursuing a career goal, and only ever caring about the results, job-seekers will never be happy. The grass is always greener somewhere else. Everything is a means to an end. It’s healthier to enjoy the process of growth than to be blind to it altogether.

In Conclusion

We hope our pointers will give some enlightenment to any job-seeker out there trying to secure their dream career, or still pondering about it. Stay authentic to yourself, and the path and the career that is for you should become clearer in the foreseeable future.

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