6 Differences Between Laptops And Notebooks

If we usually use a computer that is placed on a table, then as time goes by various computer devices are packaged in portable form such as laptops that can be easily carried everywhere. After the appearance of the portable object , a term or name appears, namely laptop and notebook.

6 Differences Between Laptops and Notebooks That Are Rarely Known
6 Differences Between Laptops and Notebooks That Are Rarely Known

These two devices are often equated, even though they are clearly different. Worse yet, not everyone turned out to know about the differences in the two devices.

6 Differences Between Laptops and Notebooks

1. Difference in screen size

In terms of screen size, we can differentiate between laptops and notebooks. Where laptops have a screen size of more than 18 inches while notebooks generally have a screen size with dimensions smaller between 13 to 18 inches.

2. Weight

Apart from the screen size, the thing that distinguishes the two is the weight of the two devices. Where laptops weigh about 3 to 5 kg, while notebooks weigh about 1 to 2 kg.

3. Graphic specifications

If in general the laptop has a VGA with a more qualified capacity to support its display performance, while the notebook generally has a smaller VGA capacity. But over time, many notebooks for output now also have VGA support with a fairly large capacity and qualified.

4. Difference in RAM size

If the above can be seen in terms of VGA then the RAM capacity can also be the difference between the two devices. Where laptops generally have a larger RAM capacity when compared to notebooks.

However, along with the development of the times and notebook technology output now also many have a large RAM capacity. Until the upgrade support for even greater RAM capacity.

5. The existence of DVD ROM

Is one of the differences that is very prominent if in general laptops have a DVD ROM device for the reading of pieces of tapes, then the notebook does not have a DVD ROM. But to overcome this limitation we can buy an external DVD ROM for use in reading tapes on notebooks that do not have an internal DVD ROM.

6. Battery life

If in general the use of a battery on a notebook has a long duration, then not with a laptop that generally does not have a fairly long battery life. But this can also be influenced by the use of power available on the two portable devices .

From the differences in laptops and notebooks, hopefully we can add insight and reference in the field of technology, especially in the development of technology available on computers for now.

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