How To Disable Push Notifications On Your Browser PC?

Disable Push Notifications: Push notifications are always a good way for website owners to build relationships with visitors by quickly notifying them of new content. Now, if you subscribed to keep push notifications up to date with new site content, there is no problem.

How to Disable Push Notifications on your browser PC?
How to Disable Push Notifications on your browser PC?

However, if you subscribed in error or if you no longer wish to receive push notifications from one of these websites, this article is your guide to deactivating them.

How to disable push notifications on your browserPC

The process is different with each browser, so let’s take them all one at a time.

1. Microsoft Edge

    • Launch the Microsoft Edge browser and click the Menu button.
    • Click Settings from the drop-down menu. In the Settings menu, scroll down to the bottom and click on Show advanced settings.
    • Click Manage under Website Permissions. From there, you can turn off websites for which you don’t want to receive notifications.

2. Firefox

    • Open the Firefox browser and click on the menu option (three lines in the upper right corner of the screen).
    • Select Options from the drop-down menu and click Content in the left column.
    • Now click on the Choose button next to Notifications.
    • All the sites authorized to send you notifications will be presented to you. From there, you can delete individual websites or use the Delete All option to delete all websites.

3. Google Chrome

    • Open the Chrome browser.
    • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
    • Then click on Advanced Settings or Show Advanced Settings.
    • When you get to the advanced settings, scroll down and click on Content Settings.
    • Under Notifications, click Manage exceptions.
    • The list of websites allowed to send you push notifications is displayed. Now, if you want to completely prevent the website from sending you notifications, you can just click on the X icon in front of the website. You can do this for any other website you want to block.

4. Safari browser

    • Launch the Safari browser and click Safari in the application bar.
    • Click Preferences and select the notification panel which will display the list of websites for which you are currently receiving notifications.
    • Select the website you want to delete and click Delete button. You can also delete everything by clicking on the Delete all option.

This is how you can disable push notifications on any browser on your PC. If you are using a different browser than the one above, be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll explain how to do that.

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