File extension is the name behind the file name which usually consists of 3 characters. But it can also be 2, 4 or more characters.

Many reasons people want to display extensions on files, one of which is to change the extension or just want to know what type of file extension is meant.

How to Display File Extensions on Windows 10
How to Display File Extensions on Windows 10

File extensions are usually hidden by default, but you can display them by changing the rules in the view menu in File Explorer Windows 10.

In the picture above, it can be seen the difference with before and after, the file extension after displaying the .docx file extension, which is microsoft word extension.

How to Display File Extensions in Windows 10

I will give two ways to display file extensions in Windows 10, the first is through the view menu and the second through the file menu.

Display File Extensions through the View Menu

1. Open File Explorer first. on the menu tab select View Menu
2. Check on File Name Extensions

Now you have finished displaying file extensions in the view menu. For those of you who can’t with the above method, you can display it via the File Menu settings.

Display File Extensions via the File Menu

1. Open File Explorer first. On the menu tab, click on the File Menu
2. Then click on Change Folder and Search Options . If there are no such options, click on Options then the Folder Options Window will appear
3. In the Folder Options Window select Tab View
4. Uncheck the Hide Extensions for known file type
Now you have finished displaying File Extensions on the File menu.

Please Take a look at your files with extensions such as Document files or files that have been saved in the file, then you will see the difference in the back of the file name, the file extension will appear.

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