Download 5 Best Free Quiz Games For Android

Do you remember the old board games you used to play with 3 or 4 friends and you played for hours and hours in particular I remember a game called trivial pursuit a quiz game based on questions of various kinds from history to geography to sport etc …

Download 5 Best Free Quiz Games for Android

It was beautiful now a few years have passed I don’t even remember what happened to it and where I could have put it, but yesterday by going to the Google play store by chance.

Download 5 Best Free Quiz Games for Android

I saw that there are the same and done very well and here they are downloaded and tested I relived the times in here I played and so I came up with an idea to write an article with the  5 best free quiz games for Android and to propose and play them on your mobile device.

You want to keep your brain in training install the 5 best free quiz games for Android in your mobile device that I recommend in this article.

If you are a lover of question and answer games and you want to spend a few carefree hours or if you want to fight boredom also training the brain in this article I recommend the  5 best free quiz games for Android free to install on your mobile device then you are ready … . perfect we continue with the first.


The name is simple and short, but the game from the second level onwards is quite different 94%  new and addicting word game, you are asked questions and you must answer as soon as possible.

In fact the goal of the game is to find the 94% of the answers provided by users I will give you an example of a question  “I can’t live without …” your answer could be friends, chocolate, mobile phone, girl / or etc … here you understand how it works you have to find 94% of the possible simple answers true….?

I bet you can’t wait to try it then what are you waiting for take your mobile phone and download it from the store.

Download 94%

Trivia Crack

This game is inspired by the famous board game Trivia Pursuit an incredible set of questions and answers that allows you to test your knowledge on different topics ranging from Geography to Science to History and then go through questions of Art and then go on the stage of the Show, and then end up in the competitive world of sport.

To win you have to get the maximum corresponding scores on each category the questions on the themes are random decided at the turn of the wheel, there are also special boxes that if you fall you can choose the material, then you are ready to challenge your friends to see who is the pundit on duty.

Download Trivia Crack: Quiz Game

100 Pics Quiz

This quiz game called  100 Pics Quiz is presented in a different context from the usual games of the same genre in fact you are faced with a photograph covered by 4 pieces and the aim of the game is to guess the protagonist of the image.

But to win and pass the next round you have to guess it by discovering the minimum number of boxes in order to gain the highest possible score, the levels are multiple with over 60 collections based on different themes from animals to actors to technology etc … the difficulty of the levels is progressive man as you go up it becomes more and more difficult.

Download 100 PICS Quiz

Italian Trivial Quiz

Another game of the Trivia genre that allows you to test your knowledge on various science, history, sport, etc. themes. Based on a database with over 20,000 questions, you can play alone or challenge your friends in a duel at the latest brain, or with other players around the world online, also Italian Trivial Quiz shows you a series of statistics to keep track of all your performances during the game.

You can also play in timer mode, practically you have to answer questions in a predetermined time then your challenge in this way becomes faster and faster, so what are you waiting put your brain in motion and start playing and show your friends that you are the best.

Download Italian Trivial Quiz

Logo Quiz

Could not miss this beautiful game where you have to guess the logos of famous world companies that we see every day everywhere on television, walking on the street, on the internet, practically everywhere, the purpose is to write the name combined with the logo viewed, this game features over 1000 riddles on 15 different difficulty levels.

During the early stages you can take advantage of 4 tips that increase as you guess the logos, the rankings of the best players with their respective scores are also available, a game to download immediately very nice.

Download Logo Quiz


We have listed top 5 free Quiz Games for Android. If you have any issues, comment us in the comment box.

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