Download Free Basketball Games For Android

Even if in Italy the national sport is football, however, also basketball is not less in fact it arouses a lot of interest with many fans and therefore if you are also a lover of this sport and want to impersonate yourself in a virtual player here is a rundown of the best 5 Free Basketball Games for Android to play on your phone.

Download Free Basketball Games for Android
Download Free Basketball Games for Android

Download Free Basketball Games for Android

You are a basketball fan and would like to impersonate an athlete with your mobile phone: here are the best 5 free basketball games for Android.

Are you ready to imitate basketball athletes of the caliber of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley or emulate our Marco Belinelli well take your cell phone or your pad and start to warm your fingers as you play, here are the 5best free basketball games for Android.

Real Basketball

This game has been created for basketball fans in fact it offers you many game options with the possibility of playing alone or with other players, for example live with your friends or you can make transfers playing with other players around the world , offers you many game modes on which you can show all your skill in this beautiful sport.

While you are playing you can earn MP which you can then use to unlock special game functions, the game boasts realistic 3D graphics, with 6 different game modes, there are 40 uniforms that you can customize unlimitedly with 20 basketballs and surprise functions, 4 different terrain fields.

The game objectives are multiple with dozens of cups that you can win through the levels reached in the game so you just have to download it and play.

Download Real Basketball

Basketball Basketball Mania

You are a basketball fanatic and you want to test your shooting skills and technique then this is the right app it is calledBasketball Basketball Mania to try it you have to download it from the store.

The game consists in making as many points as possible in a certain time going to center the basket in order to unlock the upper levels.

The graphics are very well made there are 5 different environment levels so you can choose your favorite, great game effects and different music, there are various difficulty levels all to make a game beautiful and exciting without getting bored.

Download Basketball Basketball Mania

Basketball Kings: Multiplayer

If you want to participate in the most exciting basketball game for Android you just have to tryBasketball Kings: Multiplayer with its exceptional 3D graphics.

You can practice your skills with 6 different ways to play you can unlock the objectives and win prestigious trophies, choose from 5 unique characters and over 20 balls with 30 different uniforms and with as many different playing fields.

You can play alone or challenge your friends in multi-player games by participating with real people from the world well then are you ready to become the King of basketball?

Download Basketball Kings: Multiplayer

Basketball – shooting for a field goal

Here is one of the bestfree basketball games for Androidis calledBasketball – shooting rangethinks it offers you 120 levels this game is extremely fun find out if you have the right skills to complete all the levels, the graphics are fabulous all in high definition with amazing sounds and animations.

The game consists of making the most baskets in a limited time, you have different power ups and increases during the various levels surely this game keeps you busy in your spare time.

You can compete with your friends and then see on Facebook who has got the highest level, you just have to download it and start playing today.

Download Basketball Game – Best shooting game

Rival Stars Basketball

If you want to create a stellar basketball team with theRival Stars Basketballgame you can do it,you can have full control by planning your strategy and then unleash your team with real opponents that can be your friends or people around the world.

You can enjoy the game and the actions on a 3D field graphics, you can pass or try to make the 3 points your choices naturally make the difference during the game.

In this game you have hundreds of fully animated 3D player cards to collect and evolve, you can enhance your team with special bonuses, you can live moments with stolen ball actions, passes, throws and dunks, there are many prizes, events and promotions that you can win with the goal achieved.

There are also game items that you can buy with real money to help you improve the team, well then are you ready to become a basketball celebrity?

Download Rival Stars Basketball

In conclusion

In my opinion these basketball games are among the 5 bestfree basketball games for Android ofcourse it is my opinion the Play Store is full, if you have tried better contact me that for sure we do another themed article with this is all there we hear in the next article.

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