How to Download Files on Zippyshare Easily and Quickly

Beforecloud storagelike Google Drive began to be widely used, most of us used the help of file sharing websites to download or store files online. The files can be various, with various formats.

How to Download it on Zippyshare
How to Download it on Zippyshare

How to Download Files on Zippyshare

The presence of severalcloud storagewhich offers many advantages and is personal, makes internet users now change direction. So, maybe some of us rarely usefile sharing websites.

But of course, there are still some popularfile sharingsites that are still operating. One of them is Zippyshare. So, for those of you who are confused about how todownload files on zippyshare file sharing website, we will discuss one by one how to downloadon Zippyshare in the following discussion.

Zippyshare File Sharing Site Advantages

So, before discussing how to download the files one by one, first consider the information about the features and advantages of Zippyshare, let’s go!

1. There is no limit to downloading files

One of the excellent services or features of Zippyshare is, there is no limit todownloadfiles. So, if you want to download or download files without the download limit, then Zippyshare is the most appropriate choice.

2. File Size Up to 500 MB

If you want to upload files to Zippyshare, you don’t need to worry about the filesize, here. Why? Because this site allows users to upload files with a maximum size of up to 500 MB per file. Pretty big, huh.

3. Unlimited Disk Space

As we know, most of thefile sharing sitesor even popularcloud storageproviders set a certain size of storage for users with free accounts. For example, say you only have a maximum capacity of less than 20 GB for one account.

That much capacity might feel less for some of us, right? Well, if you are at Zippyshare, you don’t need to worry about the size of yourdisk spaceor storage, because Zippyshare provides unlimited storage, akaunlimited disk space. So, you canuploadfiles in large numbers, even at very large sizes.

4. Not Required to Register an Account

Another advantage that Zippyshare has is that it allows you and other users to download anduploadfiles without having to register an account first. Really cool, right?

5. Can be used for free

Yep, thisfile sharingsite does not charge any fees for the filedownloadoruploadservice. No wonder, Zippyshare is one of the most popularfile sharingservice sites in cyberspace.

How to Download files on Zippyshare

Well, according to what has been discussed above, this time we will share information about how to download on Zippyshare for you.

Thisdownloadmethod applies to those of you who want todownloadfiles via the Zippyshare link shared by other people, or for those of you who want todownloadfiles that you have previously downloaded again.

1. Get the Download Link

Well, the first step you should take beforedownloading afile from Zippyshare is to get the link of the file you want.

For example, if you want todownload anepisode of your favorite Korean drama that you are currently watching, you can just search for the episode link from the site that uploads the file to Zippyshare.

Or, if you want todownloadanother file, such as a photo sent by a friend, all you have to do is ask your friend or colleague to share thedownloadlink .

2. Download the File You Want

So, when you get the link, all you have to do is put the link inthe browser search bar.Or you can just click on the link.

Later, a download page will appear in your browser. If you have, just click the orange button that says‘Download Now’.

Oh yes, when you first click thedownloadbutton,there will usually be an adpop-up that appears in the browser.Relax, you only need to close the tab containing thepop-upad.

Then, try going back to thedownloadpage and clicking thedownloadbutton again. After that, the file will be downloaded directly to your device.

How to Upload Files to Zippyshare

Yep, after discussing how todownloadon Zippyshare earlier, this time we turn to how to upload files on this site. The method is as easy as downloading the file, really. Come on, just look at the discussion below!

1. Prepare the Files You Want to Upload

First of all, prepare the files you want to upload to the Zippyshare site. You can choose any file, with a maximum size of 500 MB, yes.

So, if so, please go to the Zippyshare site. Then, select the file that you prepared earlier by clicking the‘Browse’ button.

After that, select the files you want to upload from your device to Zippyshare. If you upload from a PC, it will have a dialogue box like the image above. All you have to do is click the ‘Open‘ option to add the file to the Zippyshare site.

2. Upload Files

If the file has been found, please continue the upload process by clicking the orange button that says ‘Start Upload‘ as shown in the picture above.

Oh yes, if you want the upload process to be private, please check the box with the description‘Set as Private Upload’under theupload button.

If so, you just have to wait for the upload process to complete. And if you want to share the link from the file that was uploaded earlier, you only need to copy and paste the file link as shown above.

How to Register a Zippyshare Account

Not only discussing how todownloadand upload, and their advantages, we will also review how to register an account at Zippyshare. The following is a complete discussion.

1. Go to the Zippyshare Website

Thefirststep, enter the Zippyshare site first. Then, select the ‘Sign Up‘ option to register your account with Zippyshare.

2. Enter Data and Register an Account

If so, all you have to do is fill in your personal data on the registration page. Enter your first and last name, password, user name and email.

After that, check the Terms and Conditions box, as well as the captcha. After that, click the ‘Create My Account‘ button as shown in the picture. Wait until the process is complete, thenlogin using yourusernameandpassword.

That’s the discussion about how todownloadonZippyshare, along with information about how to upload files, advantages and also how to register an account on this file sharing site.

Oh yeah, if you don’t want to bother opening the Zippyshare site to upload files, please download a special file upload tool that can be used directly on a laptop or PC without the installation process first. Please visit the Zippyshare website for more information.

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