How to Download Free Fonts on HP And PC Easily

Even though there are many kinds of default fonts on devices, sometimes they are still not suitable for use. As a result, you need to download fonts from other sources.

How to Download Free Fonts on HP and PC Easily | Hassle-Free!

How to Download Free Fonts on HP and PC Easily

Here is a way to download free fonts that you can try to apply on your cellphone and PC. The steps are very simple, you can definitely follow the instructions to the end.

Download Free Fonts on your cellphone

If you are bored with the appearance of your cellphone, which is just like that and too monotonous, then you can change it to make it more attractive by changing the font.

How to download fonts for free on a cellphone can be different, depending on the type or brand of cellphone used. However, general methods that you can apply include:

  • First, please go to the Application Store on your device, either Google Play Store or App Store
  • Search and find the application called, HiFont
  • Download and install the HiFont application
  • Open the HiFont application
  • Select Fonts by category
  • Continue by selecting the Font option you want to use
  • Scroll down to find the Download or Download option
  • Click Use and you’re done

Download Free Fonts on PC

On a cellphone, it is usually used to display the cellphone, but on a PC it is usually used to support the design to make it look more attractive.

However, the steps you have to take are slightly different with HP. Here you need to find an official site that provides PC free font services. For example Google Fonts and Dafont.

  • Please visit the best free font provider site, for example Google Fonts or Dafont
  • Search and find the Keyword Font that you want to download in the Search Box menu
  • After finding it, click the Font Name so that a preview page displays
  • Click Download Family at the top right corner
  • Done, the font has been successfully downloaded

That’s the information we can share about how to easily download free fonts on cellphones and PCs. Hope it is useful.

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