Download GBThemes APK To Install Themes In WhatsApp GB

Since the GBWhatsApp 6 version , all users have to download GBThemes on their smartphones to view the themes on the GBWhatsApp server. In this article, we insert a direct link to download GBThemes but we will also talk about the procedure to install and use GBWhatsApp themes.

Download GBThemes APK to install themes in WhatsApp GB
Download GBThemes APK to install themes in WhatsApp GB

Download GBThemes APK to install themes in WhatsApp GB

Many of you no longer see the themes in GBWhatsApp , this is right because the developers of GBWhatsApp require to install a new application (GBThemes) to manage all this, personally I do not like their decision but hey they do what they want their app.

For those who understand English, you will notice that you have the following message when you click on Themes ” To Open Themes Server, Now you need to download GBThemes App. Download Now »what is translated in To open the themes server, you need to download GBThemes .

Link to download GBThemes

Click the following button to download the latest version of GBThemes for GBWhatsApp.

Click to download GBThemes.apk

How to install and use GB Themes in WhatsApp GB

To install GB Themes, just click on the APK file and follow the instructions.

After installation, open GBWhatsApp, go to GB Settings and click on Themes to see the list of the best GBWhatsApp themes on their server.


It’s for this publication that should not really be an article but just a download page. Do you still have questions about GBWhatsApp themes? So put them in the comments.

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