Websites To Download Movies Online For Free

There are platforms and pages to watch movies online. Some sites are free, although funded by an infinity of advertising, while others require a payment per movie or subscription. In any case, only in some of them it is possible to download safely and easily to be able to watch your favorite movie without having to be connected to the Internet.

Websites to Download Movies Online For Free
Websites to Download Movies Online For Free

Websites to Download Movies Online For Free

We present a list taking into account sites and platforms in which you can download movies online safely and also in a simple way, without the deceptions and without the advertising of various sites where you can supposedly also make such downloads. The list includes paid sites and platforms, but it also includes sites where you can download free movies online.


This is one of the best options to download movies for free. Within the same page you will find some misleading ads that say “download here”, but the player in the middle of the page will be the real link to watch the movie online and also download it.

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Classic Cinema Online

Without a doubt, this will become one of your favorite pages if you are a fan of the classics of the seventh art. The catalog of this website consists of classics from the big screen that you can download completely free. Here you will find from old horror movies to family movies to enjoy with your friends.

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Open Culture

This site has different HD movies in its catalog so you can download them for free. Like other options, the page also includes advertising, but all you have to do is access the central player of any option so that the download options appear. On the page, you can also have access to free online courses, language lessons and much more legal and free content.

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Internet Archive

This platform is a must in any list of free content. is the ideal website to download free movies. Although you must search among more than 4 million videos, the search engine will be your best ally to find the movies you want by filtering the search by its different categories.

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Without a doubt, it is one of the best options to watch movies online and in addition to enjoying free premium content for a month. This platform allows you to download any movie or series from its catalog.

In order for you to download movies or series, you have to use the mobile application on a Smartphone or on a PC. Netflix offers you one month free trial.

At this time you can watch and download the movies and series you want. If you don’t want to pay, remember to cancel the paid subscription in your account settings before 30 days.

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Amazon Prime Video

Like other streaming platforms, HBO GO and Netflix for example, it offers a month completely free to new users. This service also gives you the option to download the movies, episodes and even seasons of your favorite series.

Once you have downloaded them, to see them you do not need an internet connection, only access to their virtual platform locally.

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It is a place where you can find a selection of cult films, classics and independent films. It shows a billboard of 30 different films: every day one comes out and another enters.

Although it is a contracted service, you can have a 7-day free trial. This service allows you to download movies and keep them available for seven days to watch them offline from your Android or iOS device. But it is important to clarify that it is not about its entire catalog but about some specially selected productions.

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YouTube Premium

YouTube’s new paid service available in 18 countries, including Spain, the United States and Mexico, offers original films and series produced in collaboration with professional studios and YouTube personalities. For some series, the first episode of a YouTube Premium original series is available for free.

In addition, you can access a free trial of one month. You can download their content, but these videos will only be available for 30 days.

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Movies Found Online

This is one of the best options to watch movies online for free, but only some will have download links. Here you will find some films and shorts that are royalty-free or independently created.

The only problem with this website is that it survives thanks to advertising, so opening any link within the page will open an external window with an advertisement.

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