How to Download YouTube Videos Via Cellphone Easily (Without Applications)

YouTube is one of the best and most popular streaming platforms that makes it easy for users to enjoy various content. Unfortunately, the available features do not fully function properly, especially when the internet network is not strong enough. So, as a solution, you can download the video and save it on your cellphone.

How to Download YouTube Videos via Cellphone Easily, Free and Without Applications

How to Download YouTube Videos via Cellphone Easily

To save more storage space, there’s no harm in implementing the following easy, free and application-free way to download YouTube videos. That way, you can watch videos anytime and anywhere without worrying about there being no network where you are.

Copy Video Link

The first step, how to download YouTube videos, is to find the video you like. The steps are very simple, namely by clicking the search menu and typing in the video keywords you are looking for. After that, click on the video to start playback.

Here you don’t need to watch it until the end, you just need to click the Share button and select Copy Link.

Open the Download Service Provider Site

Yes, by using sites that provide free download services you can download videos on YouTube easily. To do this, open the Chrome browser or another, then enter the following keywords, “Download YouTube Videos”.

Wait a few moments, then several site names will appear on your screen, such as, and so on. Select one of the sites and wait until the loading process is complete.

Paste Link

Paste or paste the link that was previously copied. To do this, click the box with the caption, “Paste Your Video Link Here”. Wait until the site loads a preview of the video you are looking for.

If so, determine the quality of the downloaded video you want, starting from 720p, 360p and so on for that video.

Waiting for the Download Process

Next, if you have customized the video, the final step is to click the download button. Then, the video will be downloaded to your device automatically. Here you can monitor the process via the menu bar, or in the download menu of the browser you are using.

That’s the information we can share about how to download YouTube videos via cellphone. Hope it is useful.

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