Dropbox To Share Files With Third Parties: This Is ‘Transfer’

More and more people are choosing platforms such asWeTransfer to share files with third parties. Since the USB flash drives relegated CDs and DVDs to almost obsolescence, a large number of manufacturers decided to dispense with CD players on both desktop and laptop computers.

Dropbox To Share Files With Third Parties: This Is 'Transfer'

A panorama that leaves us witha much smaller number of options when sharing all kinds of content.

Dropbox to share files with third parties: this is ‘Transfer’

And the USB sticks are also suffering from the wear and tear that ended the CDs. All this because of the storage clouds, where more and more people keep all kinds of content. From Google Drive or iCloud to Dropbox, three of the most recurring options today.

However, when sending files from one person to another,more and more people choose platforms such as WeTransfer, where we can share content with third parties in a very simple and intuitive way.

How to share files in Dropbox Transfer

To use this service, we will only have to access the platform, add the content we want to send and establish a recipient. You do not have to create an account, or even know first-hand the recipient of the message, so it isa very fast and simple optionespecially for work groups.

Given the rise of this platform,Dropbox has moved token. After more and more people have switched sides, Dropbox has introduced Transfer. A new platform, practically identical to WeTransfer, through which we can send files of up to 100 megabytes in a matter of seconds, as the company acknowledges througha statement : ” As a general rule, people use Dropbox to share.

However, sometimes you need a solution to send a file and forget about it. Transfer is designed for times when you need to deliver large collections of files to customers and others outside your company. ”

Up to 100 GB and unlimited space

After adding the content we want to share with third parties, Dropbox Transfer will send a link to the recipient of the messagefrom which the files can be downloaded.You can also save it directly in Dropbox, where you will have the option to store it with the rest of the files that you have stored during the last years.

Although it does not allow you to send files up to 2 GB in weight, as is the case with WeTransfer, it becomes a very interesting option to share photos and videos quickly and easily.

In fact, Transfer has a professional version (with a value of between 10 and 15 euros per month) through which we can enjoyunlimited space in our cloud and transfer up to 100 GB.

But not only that. Users who opt for this option can also protect this link with a password, choose expiration dates and even customize the background of the transfer page.

Among the different options you will also find a statistics panel from which you can analyze how many people have downloaded the file. In short,Dropbox puts the batteries before the rise of WeTransfer. Can you overthrow it?

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