Easy And Fast Video Editing Software For You

With a laptop armed with video editing software, anyone can create beautiful videos. The quality of the video and the speed of editing will depend on the hardware used and the editing software used and your creativity.

Easy and Fast Video Editing Software for you
Easy and Fast Video Editing Software for you

Easy and Fast Video Editing Software

If you need a software to edit, cut, merge, convert 4K videos, Full HD then hang in there, I present you the easiest software to edit quickly, at least the one I use to the moment.


Designed for easy and fast use, VideoProc is a video editing and editing software with multiple features. It allows:

Video processing : Cut, adjust, merge, edit videos from any device (Drone, Smartphone, GoPro, etc.) very easily with VideoProc.

Conversion & backup of DVDs : VideoProc can convert any type of DVD to MP4, MPG, AVI, format that you can easily read on iPhone, iPod, Android, a game console. It can copy and convert copy protected DVDs .

Download Videos : Easily upload online videos, music, playlists to over 1000 websites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and SoundCloud.

Recording Videos : Easily save your computer screen for a video tutorial with or without voice, something that many recorders do not do.

Why use VideoProc for video processing

Of all the video editing software that exists, you wonder why then use VideoProc, It makes sense. Here are the good reasons to use VideoProc as video processing software:

VideoProc is free : Almost all video processing software is paid, but not VideoProc. Its free version is enough to process and edit videos, plus the final video file contains no watermark.

VideoProc is a light and fast video processing software : Given all the features offered by the software, it does not weigh a gigabyte, but less than 50 MB. VideoProc imports & exports videos, Full HD or 4K without bug or crash. system.

VideoProc is a Level 3 accelerated video processing software : It uses the power of your CPU and GPU for modulation, processing and demodulation of videos. This boosts its speed up to 47x.

How to have VideoProc free

The easy and fast video editing software you need for Windows and Mac, VideoProc with a free license is available on its official website www.videoproc.com .

To encourage developers of the software, you can also purchase the lifetime license, discounted for $ 29.95 for lifetime updates, free support and remove the free version limit: Convert maximum five minutes of each video .

How to use VideoProc for video editing

To edit a video with VideoProc, open the software and select Video Processing and you can edit, cut, crop, crop, merge, rotate, resize, transcode, adjust, and more.

We already have the following tutorials on VideoProc:

  • How to edit and process GoPro 4K videos ,
  • How to merge multiple videos quickly ,
  • How to download a YouTube playlist with VideoProc .
  • In this one, I’ll show you how to extract a video clip and how to trim a video into several equal pieces .

How to extract a movie clip

The need to extract a sequence from a video is very common in our digital life. We do it to remove an advertisement, a pause, a useless sequence. We do it all day for WhatsApp status limited to 30 seconds or Instagram stories limited to one minute, so we have to cut only the part that interests us.

Many video processing tools offer cutting functionality, but there are also many that degrade the quality of video and others that take a long time to re-encode video, especially online tools to extract a video. part of a video.

VideoProc is easy to use to cut a part of a video , it does not degrade the quality of the video , does not add watermark to the video, does not re-encode the video , it is what makes it be very very fast.

Here are the 4 steps to extract a part of a video with VideoProc to keep only the part that interests us:

Step 1: Launch VideoProc and click on the Video button .

Step 2: Click + Video to import the video you want to cut off.

Step 3: Click on Cut and select the part you want to keep then click on + Then cut on Finish.

Step 4: In target format, select the output format of the video and confirm by clicking the RUN button.

How to cut a video into several pieces (equal)

However, if you want to cut a video into several pieces , for example into 10 parts or into x 30-second parts, starting from step 3 , you have to choose Separation in the toolbar to divide a long video into several small videos.

Here I choose to split the video into 30-second parts, then I click Finish and then export the videos.

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