Easy Ways To Overcome Wifi Yellow Exclamation Marks On Laptops And PCs

How to Overcome Yellow Exclamation Marks on Wifi – A problem that often occurs on Wifi connections on PCs / laptops is the appearance of the wifi icon with a yellow exclamation mark. That means your device is connected to a WiFi network, but doesn’t get internet access.

Easy Ways to Overcome Wifi Yellow Exclamation Marks on Laptops and PCs
Easy Ways to Overcome Wifi Yellow Exclamation Marks on Laptops and PCs

Usually a sign like that appears due to your data or internet packages being used up. But most of it is not caused by that, but the connectivity from Wifi to your device is experiencing interference, thus forcing you to tinker on your own. The following is how to remove the yellow exclamation mark on Wifi on PC / laptop on Windows 7, 8, and 10 .

Easy Ways to Overcome Wifi Yellow Exclamation Marks

AyGek will give you several methods or ways to resolve the issue. Be sure to do this in a sequence so that the handling can be done properly. In the tutorial below, AyGek uses Windows 10, but the handling steps are not much different from Windows 7 or 8. Okay, here are some ways to remove the exclamation point no internet access on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

1. Automatic IP Address Setting

  1. Right-click the wifi icon located in the lower right corner, then click Open Network & Internet Settings .
  2. After that, search below and click Change Adapter Options .
  3. Then a new tab will appear, you click on the Wifi that is currently connected, then click Properties .
  4. A new tab will appear again, you find and click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) , then click the Obtain an IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address
  5. Automatically button , when done click OK.
    Wait a few moments until the exclamation mark icon turns white again, if it still doesn’t work then move on to the next step.

2. Setting Manual IP Address with Special Settings

The steps are almost the same as the automatic IP Address setting, just select the Use the following IP address and Use the Following DNS server addresses option . After that, set it manually with settings like the following:

  • ip address: (The last number can be changed to 235/234/232/231)
  • subnet mask:
  • default gateway:
  • preferred DNS server:
  • alternate DNS server:

3. Using the Command Prompt Help

Command Prompt or CMD is a windows window that serves to find out the contents contained in the Windows system. With the CMD you can execute several commands to find out and run the existing system on windows, one of which is to improve the Wifi connection. How to use CMD to overcome the problem of the yellow exclamation icon wifi sign, look for CMD tools in the Windows search and right-click the CMD then select Run As Administrator . After CMD is open, type netsh int ip reset C: resetlog.txt if you press enter.

4. Restart the Wifi Router

If you are the owner of the wifi you are using, consider the installed router. Routers usually experience obstacles in channeling internet data to various data, in this case you need to try to restart the router. After the router is restarted, then wait a few minutes for the internet lights to turn on again.

5. Contact your Internet Service Provider

If the five ways above you have done sequentially and do not find a way out, then all you have to do is contact customer service according to your wifi brand, chances are there is a mistake from the center. However, errors can occur due to interference with the hardware as supporting wifi in your home, such as broken internet cables and so forth.

The final word

That’s how to get rid of the yellow exclamation mark wifi on a laptop or PC that you can do before contacting the internet service provider.

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