How To Edit Tik Tok Videos By Android Phone

How To Edit Tik Tok Videos | Currently, Tik Tok has become a popular application for creating and sharing short videos with music. Tik Tok was developed by a Beijing-based company, ByteDance, and offers a variety of choices for making music videos. ByteDance acquired the Music Application and combined it with Tik Tok.

How To Edit Tik Tok Videos By Android Phone
How To Edit Tik Tok Videos By Android Phone

Edit Tik Tok Videos By Android Phone

Making videos on Tik Tok is easy, and you don’t need to edit a lot in Tik Tok clips. This is a standalone application for all edits. But if you want to make your video different from other Tik Tok videos, then we have a few suggestions that can make you a Rockstar of Tik Tok.

Third-party video editors make your TikTok clips unique with the help of new effects and filters. Many Android applications are available on various platforms to edit your Tik Tok video, but not all of them offer the best effect.

Here, we will share with you about the best Android applications for editing Tik Tok videos to get unlimited Tik Tok followers. So let’s explore and find the best TikTok video editing application to make your videos more interesting and different.

3 Best Android Applications for Editing Tik Tok Videos

1. InShot [Best Tiktok Video Editing Application]

InShot is one of the most downloaded TikTok video editing applications. You can download it from the Google Play Store. The best part of InShot is its friendly user interface. This application has all the features you want in an Android application for editing TikTok videos.

The best features of InShot:
  • Video Trimmer, Cutter & Splitter – You can trim and trim videos to the length of your choice. It can also be used to divide a video into two parts or several small clips. With the help of this application, you can also export your videos in HD quality.
  • Video Mergers & Joiners – With the help of this tool, you can combine several videos into one long video for your TikTok and other social media accounts.
  • Video Ratio & Background – In this application, you can adjust your video in any Aspect Ratio and add borders and background colors to the video, even the option to combine backgrounds is also here.
  • Video Filters and Effects – The most important thing we all need in a video editor. You can add video filters and video effects and adjust brightness, contrast, etc. To your video.
  • Music – You can add featured music for free from the application, or you can also use your own music.
  • Speed – You can speed up or slow down the speed of the video in this application.
    Text & Sticker – use to express something with text or emojis.

Download InShot

2. Vizmato TikTok

clips that are most interesting are clips that are entertained by entertainers of two or more videos in a beautiful and flawless way. This feature is present in many TikTok video editing applications, but Vizmato does it more beautifully. If you are a fan of Inshot, then you should try Vizmato too. Here you will find some cooler effects.

The best features of Vizmato:
  • Video Editor: With the help of this video editing application, you can cut and edit multiple videos to make long and beautiful videos. You can also add text, themes, filters, visual effects, and background music to change your video. There are tools that help you play videos in reverse.
  • Slideshow Maker: This tool helps you convert photos to videos. Then you can also add music and themes to the videos that you make.
  • Video FX: This tool has more than 40 visual effects available that will enliven your video.
  • Filters & Themes: This application has more than 20 filters and visual themes that give you a combination of beautiful Visual Filters with music to give your video the right aesthetic.
  • Video & GIF Recorder: You can also record Video and GIF using this application. You can also use various filters and themes when recording. You can also adjust the speed of movement when recording.
  • Music: You can choose from featured free music songs.
  • Audio FX: With this feature, you can modulate your voice to sound like Baby, chipmunk, and more.
  • Watch Videos: You can create an account there and explore and watch videos created by other application users.

Here you can access all the basic features without paying anything, but for some special features, you have to buy it.

Download VizMato

3. Funimate

FuniMate is slowly climbing the popularity ladder in the Android app segment to edit TikTok Videos. This is one of the most famous video editor applications that produces incredible slow motion videos, ip-sync videos and many other effects.

Funimate best features:
  • Video Effects: In this android application, you can find 100 advanced video effects that you can apply in your videos.
  • Add Music: Record videos and add your favorite music to videos and create short video stories with music.
  • Emoji, Stickers & Text: Same as all other applications for editing TikTok videos, this application also has features to add emojis, stickers, and text to videos.
  • Collab Videos: You will easily make a collab video with this application.
  • Video Merger, Cut & Trim: This is a classic TikTok video editing application that has all the features of a video editing application such as combining, cutting, trimming and editing videos.
  • Create Short Videos: This application allows you to edit videos that are very suitable for editing short videos that you made for your TikTok account.

The only problem in this FuniMate application is that the infrastructure is a bit awkward. But the embedded features will make you tolerate this small problem. This application is equipped with a large collection of effects. You can have this application on your mobile at no charge but you must upgrade to the paid version to get access to all of its features.

Download Funimate

Those are the 3 best applications for editing your Tik Tok videos to make it look more cool and unique. Finally, good luck, hopefully useful and thank you for your visit.

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