Emule Server | Updated Emule Server List

Looking for a free and up-to-date Emule server list? Then refer to the list you will find in this article, you can get a safe list of Emule servers to use to download any type of file for free.

Emule Server | Updated Emule Server List
Emule Server | Updated Emule Server List

Emule Server | Updated Emule Server List

If you don’t know, Emule is a P2P program that allows you to download anything to your computer. You can find entire MP3 albums, movies, TV series, PCs, console games, shows, and more.

The files are searched internally, but to get the best performance, it is best to download the latest version of Emule for free (Emule downloads 0.60) and find a free and updated list of Emule servers.

In addition to torrenting, web users are also used to using eMule and making the most of it to keep emule servers constantly updated.

New emule servers appear every year and in order to download and share as much as you want, you have to ditch the old servers and replace them with a free updated list of Emule servers.

The best eMule server listings

The easiest way to update the server list in eMule is to use a pre-filled eMule server list. However, you must first remove any servers already configured in the program.

Then go to the eMule server tab, right-click anywhere in the server list and select Delete all servers from the menu that appears. To confirm the operation, click on the “Yes” button.

When done, paste the address of the server list you want to use into the Update server.met from URL field (on the right sidebar) and click the Update button to start updating the servers. Here are the lists of servers I recommend. Choose any one, they are all valid.

Here’s how to get started

Here are some simple steps you need to follow before updating your data:

  • Open the eMule application on your computer;
  • On the main screen, select “Servers”, then right click on any server in the list and click “Delete all servers”;
  • At this point, you must disable the automatic updating of the eMule server menu, then click on “Options”, located at the top right, and in the new screen select “Server”.
  • Here remove the check mark for “Automatically download the server list on startup”, “Refresh the server list when connecting to the server” and “Refresh the server list when connecting to the client”;
  • After confirmation, restart the eMule app to correctly and safely save the new settings.

After that, we can proceed to the next steps of the guide and learn how to import the newly updated server list into eMule!

Basic operations

Follow the very simple steps to implement an updated list of eMule servers. You must first click on the servers listed below:

  • – eMule Security
  • – PeerBooter
  • – !! 1. Sharing demons !!
  • – Poor -eServer

Note: After clicking on a server in the list above, eMule may not load automatically. To solve this problem, simply enter each server manually in the entries “IP or address”, “Port” and “Name”.

Note: There are many unstable servers which are activated frequently but are not reliable. To import into your software (not recommended), enter the following information:

  • – !! Sharing demons No3 !! ;
  • – PEERATES.NET (alternative);
  • – eMule Security # 1;
  • – eMule 2 security number;
  • – 3. eMule security;
  • – eMule 4 security number;
  • – Sharing of Devils.org;
  • – !! Sharing demons No1 !! ;
  • – UsenetNL.biz;
  • – Emule Server # 1;
  • – Master Server 7;
  • – Master Server 1;
  • – Master Server 2;
  • – underground TV n. 2;
  • – eMule security;
  • – Master Server 3;
  • – Server Master 4;
  • – Master Server 5 (not highly recommended in the list of eMule servers);
  • – Master Server 6;
  • – Master Server 8;
  • – Master Server 9;
  • – Master Server 10;
  • – Master Server 11;
  • – Kingdom 1 Post Office;
  • – Kingdom 2 Post Office;
  • – Kingdom 3 post;
  • – Kingdom Post 4;
  • – Kingdom Post 5;
  • – Kingdom Post 6;
  • – StormShare 1;
  • – StormShare 2;
  • – StormShare 3;
  • – StormShare 4;
  • – StormShare 5;
  • – StormShare 6.

It should also be noted that the number of active servers decreases over time. However, this does not mean that you can no longer use eMule, as you only have to connect to the Kad network to solve the problem.

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