How To Enter A Company On Google Maps

Are you a merchant and want to put your business on Google Maps? Here’s how to enter a company on Google Maps (free). Having a restaurant, hotel, office or any other business and not that you want to report on Google Maps ?

How to Enter a Company on Google Maps
How to Enter a Company on Google Maps

There is nothing simpler and, above all, free. All with the ability to attract even more customers thanks to the“find nearby” which is used by those looking for businesses on Maps.

Better yet, it gives your customers the opportunity to find, without having the address, an office or a local. Entering the location of your business on Google Maps is extremely simple, whether it is done from aPCor from asmartphoneortablet.

How to enter a company on Google Maps

The first step, mandatory to start this procedure, is to obtain aGoogle Gmailaccount . If you already own an account then you can go directly to the mainGoogleMaps website. Then just click on thethree linesthat you will find at the top left near the box where it says“Search on Google Maps”.

Once done, scroll down until you find the wordAdd a missing place”and click on it.

At this point you will find yourself in a screen where you will be asked for some information. Warning! If you are not yet logged in with your Google Account, then you will be asked to log in right now.

At this point you will find yourself with a small screen where you will be asked for the Name,AddressandCategoryof the place to be inserted.

These are the mandatory ones, but those are not mandatoryPhone,SiteWebandtimes. The Category can be entered by hand or chosen from a pre-established list, while to add the times just click on“Add Times”and the same page is extended where you can choose the day and add the day by day times.

Once finished just click“send”and you’re done. At this point, you just have to wait for the time necessary for Google to process the request.

How to enter a company on Google Maps (free) on smartphones and tablets

The process is more or less similar. First of all, you need to install the Google Maps application, available on bothAndroidandiOS.

Remember that you must also log in with your Google account on iOS devices. Then the steps are similar to those on PC.

Click on the three lines at the top left of the screen.

Click on“Add a missing place”and enter the mandatory data such asName,AddressandCategory.

Here too, by clicking on “Add Hours” you can add times for each day.

Once the process is over, just click on“Send”, Et Voilà!The game is done.

You can, if you want, addthe SiteWeband number oftelephone. The times it takes for Google to process the request are similar both if we carry out the process on PC and on smartphones and tablets.

If you have one or more sites where your company is connected to the same website or telephone number then the process will be even easier.

Welcome to Google Maps!

And here’s how to put your company on Google Maps: if you have doubts, don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments!

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