How To Enter Multiple Destinations On Google Maps

Enter Multiple Destinations on Google Maps: Google Maps is a service used daily by millions of people. Due to its curated graphics and its very simple and immediate use, it falls into the category of Must-Have applications.

How to Enter Multiple Destinations on Google Maps
How to Enter Multiple Destinations on Google Maps

Mainly used as a navigator while traveling, Google Maps also has the task of showing all the nearby activities, from supermarkets to restaurants.

Using Google Maps you can choose, in addition to the destination, also with which vehicle you travel and the route that best suits your needs. Sometimes, however, it may happen that you want to make a few more stops, maybe to have lunch or to visit a place of our interest before reaching the destination set in the navigator.

How to Enter Multiple Destinations on Google Maps

In this case, therefore, it would be necessary to insert more destinations on Google Maps, and it is a very simple operation, contrary to what you think.

To enter multiple destinations on Google Maps you will have to follow a few simple steps, which will change based on the use of the website or the dedicated application. However, in both cases, the operations are very simple and will lead you to the same result.

Enter multiple destinations on Google Maps from the website

To enter multiple destinations on Google Maps using the website you will need:

  • Connect to  the official Google Maps page
  • Choose your destination
  • Click on the arrow symbol inside a road sign (located at the top left), and access the Directions.

In the menu that opens, you will have to enter the starting point and destination and, subsequently, the best route offered by Google Maps will appear. After choosing the travel mode (by train, car or on foot), you will have to add a second destination (or a stop) so that you don’t have to open a new Google Maps tab. The procedure is very simple:

  • Click on the + button next to the Add destination section
  • Indicate on the map the place to insert on the navigator

At this point you will have the complete itinerary of your trip and, by going with the mouse on the various stages, you can also change their order. Obviously you can enter all the stages you want, according to your needs.

Enter multiple destinations on Google Maps from smartphones

The application of Google Maps is available for free for Android and iOS, and is very convenient especially in travel by car, in which your smartphone will act as a real navigator. The procedure for adding multiple destinations on Google Maps is very similar to the one to be used on the website. Just pay attention to the different wording of the function to add a destination. In fact, you will have to:

  • Open Google Maps
  • Select the destination and the starting point
  • Click on the three dots located at the top right
  • Click on Add Waypoint

Now you can add all the destinations of your trip and rely on Google Maps during the journey. These are all you need to do to put multiple destinations on Google Maps.

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