Esports Betting | Video Games to Follow Online

The world of eSports is huge. New video games are brought to the market regularly. This makes it more and more difficult for players to make the right choice. You simply get lost in the variety of options.

Esports Betting | Video Games to Follow Online
Esports Betting | Video Games to Follow Online

Esports Betting | Video Games to Follow Online

Gaming is not the only thing you can benefit from. Betting on eSports is an excellent way to spice up your online experience. At, you can find a lot of eSports tournaments to bet on.

Before you go any further, let’s check the most popular video games. What tournaments do they offer? What can you bet on?

League of Legends (LoL)

LoL has become one of the most popular video games in the world. Its followers take part in various tournaments on a regular basis. With a viewership rate of more than 100 million, the LoL world championship is surely a great event in the eSports industry.

LoL is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that involves two teams of five players each. Their mission aims to destroy each other’s base. Among 148 different characters in the game, players can choose the most suitable one depending on one’s personal preferences.

Teams fight over neutral objectives to gain more skills and powers that will help them win the match. An average game of League lasts up to one hour, depending on the tactics used.

What’s happening right now? LoL is split into regional competitions that feed into the world championship. The four major ones cover the following regions:

  • South Korea LCK
  • China – LPL
  • Europe – LEC
  • North America LCS

How can I follow those events? You can find a full program with broadcast sources on the league website. Matches are streamed on both YouTube and Twitch, with each region having its own online channel.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

The big competitions have already taken over the eSports market. The game with the widest-reaching competitive field is CS:GO. A strategic first-person shooter has been around over several iterations for several decades.

Two teams, the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, have to fight against each other for 15 rounds before they can switch their sides. A match is considered to be over when a team gets 16 rounds in regulation. Most CS:GO competitions do not lead to draws. Moreover, they can get overtime if a match ends with the score of 15-15. One map is about one hour long.

Valve, the game’s developer, is relatively hands-off in the competitive arena. It manages two major tournaments every season, while providing some financial support to others. But it is considered to be the wild west of eSports for the most part.

In CS:GO, it is theoretically possible for you and other members of the team to get into million dollar tournaments in under two years. As a bettor, you will need to analyze these details to estimate the chances of each team of success.

Two big tournaments are still operating in an online format. ESL Pro League is a long-lasting, established tournament with most of the best teams in the world. Flashpoint is a competitor that has secured some decent teams and players. Sadly, its well-organized focus on banter and trash-talking has been hampered significantly.

Rocket League

How about soccer with cars? Two teams of three players face each other on a caged-in soccer field. The players are rocket-powered cars that have been equipped with excellent graphics and animation.

The game known as Rocket League operates as regional play covering North America, Europe, South America, and Oceania. The regions feed into a world championship that takes place every year. The regions are still all completing their game rounds online. The schedule is updated regularly.


Overwatch is a game that features the elements of FPS and MOBA games. Blizzard took a totally different approach to the FPS genre when developing Overwatch. Many casual MOBA players are confusing overwatch with First Person Shooters like CS:GO and Quake. Is it a coincidence? No, it isn’t. Blizzard mixed both game types to appeal to both audiences on purpose.

Overwatch is often viewed as a hero shooter, since it has plenty of characters with different strengths. Here’s a more detailed description of Overwatch League:

  • Two teams of six that fight over goals on a map.
  • Four different map types where the first team winning three maps wins the match.
  • Wide-ranging tournament series intended for players with different competence and different intensity levels.

What’s going on right now? Overwatch has a series of tournaments that are conducted on a monthly and annual basis. Every bettor is free to choose the event to focus on.

On Overwatch’s website, the schedule of upcoming events is updated regularly. Make sure to not miss something important. After all, you don’t know where and how you might hit the jackpot.

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