Everything You Need To Know About IP Address

If you have been online long enough, you are likely to have encountered IP addresses at some point. A device must have an IP address to communicate with other devices over a network, including the Internet. The IP addresses contain the user’s personal information. You need to use the online IP lookup tool to check the details of someone’s IP address.

Everything You Need To Know About IP Address

Everything You Need To Know About IP Address

Do you know you’re reading this article because of IP address access? Everything on the internet relies on IP addresses, and they are ubiquitous.

Typically, an IP address consists of numerical digits assigned to devices connected to a computer network. This protocol aims to identify and locate these devices on a network.

It is important to note that a unique IP address is assigned to each device that connects to the Internet. If you are unaware of the meaning and purpose of an IP address, this article is for you.

In this article, we will discuss the IP address, so if you’re interested and want to learn about it, read it thoroughly.

What is an IP Address?

Every device connected to the Internet through the Internet Protocol (IP) is associated with an IP address. This service aims to help identify your host or network adapter on the web, along with your network address, which acts as your name and home address on the Internet.

Once the network detects your IP address, the IP will transfer data packets using the IP addresses found in the packet headers to determine where the data is coming from (source) and where it is heading (destination).

People often mistakenly believe that “IP address” and “network address” are the same. In a TCP/IP network, an IP address is assigned to a host, such as a computer, printer, server, or another device. Alternatively, a network address can include multiple IP addresses within the same network.

In the example, if is an IP address, then is a network address that contains IP addresses ranging from to

It is important to note that 5.1.123.x is the fixed part of the IP address, while the remainder of the address is defined by the subnet, ranging from 0 to 255 (more on this later).

Why is an IP Address Necessary?

There must be a way to distinguish between different devices and networks on a network of computers, including the Internet, as well as identify their respective locations. IP addresses fill this gap.

A computer, router, Bluetooth device, and other hardware on a network are identified by their IP address. Using these addresses, devices can connect and transfer information over local networks or the Internet.

Moreover, with the help of the WHOIS IP lookup online tool, you can fetch all the IP information.

How Does an IP Address Work?

Computer networking problems are often encountered, or your computer or another device may not connect properly from time to time.

It is important to understand how IP addresses work to be able to troubleshoot the issue when this occurs.

In a similar manner to other protocols, Internet Protocol technology works similarly. To exchange information, it establishes a common language and a set of rules.

Sending or receiving data over the internet involves the following steps:

  • An internet connection is provided by a network that connects your device to the internet. Typically, this is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your company network if you are at work.
  • In order to identify your device, your Internet service provider assigns it an IP address. Whenever you request data (for instance, opening a website or playing a video), your IP address is used to route the request to your ISP.
  • However, IP addresses assigned to your device are not constant. When you switch on or off your router or modem, or if you contact your Internet Service Provider and request a change, the IP address can change.

The process is repeated as soon as you connect to a different network. For example, if you connect to the internet at an airport, the airport’s Internet service provider will assign you a new IP address.


A quick recap, an IP address identifies a device on the Internet or within a local network. An IP address refers to an Internet Protocol, a set of rules governing data formats sent over the Internet or within a local area network.

Moreover, there are many ways to get the IP information, but the quick and easiest way to get the Ip owner information is to use the IP look-up tools.

These online IP lookup tools will enable you to get all the required information about the device’s IP owner.

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