Fake LastPass extension in Chrome Discovered

LastPass is a wonderful password manager that has also developed an extension for Chrome, from which to organize all our access to the services we use the most.

Well,a group of hackers developed an extension that they put the same name and icon on in order to trick users. It was successful, although it has thankfully already been removed from the store by Google.

Fake LastPass extension in Chrome Discovered
Fake LastPass extension in Chrome Discovered

Fake LastPass extension in Chrome Discovered

The extension was called ” LastPass: Free Password Manager ” and used all the logos and images of the actual extension for users to install in their browsers.

When they did, the extension requested permission to show notifications and add a button to the browser window itself.

It was Malwarebytes who discovered this bogus extension, so they tested it to see the consequences of installing it. And what happened was really a surprise.

That is, by clicking on the extension icon, they expected malicious malware to be installed on the computer, but it just redirected them to a web page.

Interestingly,a bogus extension for a password manager app didn’t try to steal its customers’ passwords but instead wanted them to go to a website infected with dangerous adware.

There are several extensions like the LastPass copy

Malwarebytes alerted Google and Mountain View removed the bogus LastPass extension, which successfully fooled many careless users.

Obviously, it’s hard at first glance to tell if an extension or app is fake or true,but if you do a little research the vast majority are easily identifiable.

For example, it’s always good to take a look at the reviews and rating that users have made of the app or extension.

Normally, at a glance, it is worth finding out whether we are faced with a “fake” or not.It is also good to always go to the developer’s website to check that everything is in order.

. Also, if we are looking for a known extension, it is always better to download it directly from the developer’s website as there is no way they can give us a bogus extension.

As we always say, it is best to be in good health and while it may take us a bit longer to do your research before installing any software on our computer. Two minutes of research is likely to rule out a lot of future headaches.

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