FamiSafe, Parental Control Reaches The Next Level

One of the great concerns of parents today in this technological world is whether their children are safe from the different dangers that lurk on the internet . Cyber bullying, for example, is a big problem today and there are ways to prevent it.

FamiSafe, Parental Control Reaches The Next Level

It is likely that many parents do not know exactly how to do it, and that is where FamiSafe appears . It is a complete parental control application with which you can prevent cyber bullying, keep track of the location, block applications, put filters on the web or control the time of use of mobile devices.

How FamiSafe works and why it is the best application

FamiSafe is a specialist in knowing the concerns of parents . Where will my son be now? Is he really at school? Is he addicted to the smartphone? Shouldn’t he be already sleeping with the phone off? With the FamiSafe app you can answer this and many other questions to keep your children safe.

These are all the functions of FamiSafe and how it works:

  • It is an app available for both iOS and Android that is installed on your device and your child’s device. You must give the permissions that you request and the two apps will be “synchronized”, so you can see on your smartphone everything that FamiSafe offers. You can test its performance in this demo they have prepared .
  • Prevention of cyber bullying and alert of suspicious messages . Parents can get automatic alerts regarding potential cyber bullying risks, inappropriate adult content, harassment and more in their children’s conversations.
  • Location tracking in real time and geo-fencing . You will be able to know at all times the location of your child to make sure that he has not been in “unusual places”. You can also establish “safe zones” and receive alerts when your child enters or leaves them.
  • Application blocker and activity monitor . Thanks to this function you can control what kind of apps your child can install and uninstall and control the time that has passed in each of them.
  • Content Filter . With this filter you can keep your son or daughter away from the potential dangers of the network. You can block any unwanted or inappropriate website with harmful content such as pornography, gambling or violence.
  • Time monitoring and control on screen . Thanks to this function you can know the exact time and sequence with which your children use their devices and set limits.
    Remote control features . You will not need to have your child’s device to configure it, you can do it all from your smartphone’s app.

Undoubtedly FamiSafe is a parental control application of the most reliable with very good comments and ratings from parents who are already using it. If it stands out for something, in addition to all the available functions, it is because we can control everything from our personal deterrent. If you are evaluating a parental control application, FamiSafe is probably the best in the market .

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